Normandy trip- The Mulberry harbour.

As request by Chris here are the photos of the remains of the Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches; Dad and I visited on the Tuesday of our holiday.

When we arrived the tide was fairly high up the beach but the remains of both the breakwater and the pontoons were still visible.


We took a quick look on the beach to get a bit closer.


We then took a wander around the other outside exhibits before going into the museum whilst the tide receded.


A 5.5 inch gun- there are quite a lot of these preserved around Normandy.


A section of the roadway that linked the pontoons with a little bulldozer on top.



There is a gun emplacement up the hill from the port with a Sherman on top of it which gives a nice view of the bay so we took a walk up there.



We then went into the nice little museum at Arromanches.


Inside was the usual combination of models and artifacts; the former were difficult to photograph as they were under glass.




By the time we had gone round the museum and watched the short video presentation in there the tide had gone out further revealing more of the Mulberry harbour.



The heart wasn’t my work btw.


Next Dad and I popped a couple of miles up the coast to see the gun battery at Longues Sur Mer but I’ll save that for another post.





9 comments on “Normandy trip- The Mulberry harbour.

  1. A great place to visit and have been fortunate enough to go several times. Did you manage to make it to the American Cemetery and to Pont du hoc? Both very atmospheric.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      I went to Pont Du Hoc, I’ll put the pictures up from that trip too. I didn’t have time to visit any of the cemeteries apart from the marker for the temporary one on Omaha beach.



  2. Barks says:

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the next set.

  3. Glass really is the bane of museum pictures. If you want to get glare-free pictures of an object under glass you need to put the camera right up against the glass to get the picture. Doing so will prevent any (or most of the light from reflecting back into the lens. The problem with this soloution is that it significantly limits your field of view, and isn’t always feasible to do.

  4. Very nice. I probably should start thinking about visiting..

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