A few plastic kits.

Given the weather at the moment it has been too cold to go into the shed so I’ve been working on a few model kits inside. It is easier just to bring my making and gluing tray in rather than all my paints; it also gives me a chance to get caught up on my back log of plastic kits.

Yesterday I had a bit of a blitz and assembled all of these:


From left to right we have the Hobby Boss Merkava IV, Two Bedford trucks by Airfix, the Revell re- issue of the Matchbox Sherman firefly and finally a Dark Age hut from Warbases.

The Merkava kit is a pleasure to put together, and the old matchbox kits are no drama at all. I think, however, that the Sherman would benefit from some aftermarket stowage and possibly a crewman. The two Airfix trucks were a little disappointing; given that they were a recent kit I found that they weren’t as well fitting as a new kit should be imo. Still with two in a box they are good value if you see them for sale. The Warbases kit was bought as an example of their range, simple to assemble and easier than cutting out a foamcore one myself. I’ll add some texture to the walls and a fake fur roof too. to finish it properly.

Not bad for a few hours work whilst listening to some CDs.






7 comments on “A few plastic kits.

  1. hey Pete – I liked those Airfix Bedfords – thought they produced a nice pair of trucks. Although I did have to mess around with the drive shafts underneath and also the cabin was a bit of an effort to fit together. Are you going to do a mickey mouse camo job? I blogged my versions a while back. Cheers Will

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Yeah the undersides were a pain and the tilt on the longer wheel-based one. I just expected a bit more from a brand new kit. They’ll get a mickey mouse scheme for NWE 44 onwards.



      • Cool. yes I had to consult lots of photos on the net to make sure I had the droop right on the QLT. It didn’t look right to start with. You putting any dudes in the back? I have another Bedford from IBG Models which I am yet to build and some AB brits for the back. Cant wait to do it – once it reaches the front of the queue (2019 probably!)

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        No will leave the back empty. I’ve not got any spare seated figures in my stash and the AB figures are rather pricey now just to be used as filler. Must be organised to have a queue, my kit building is entirely whim driven.



  2. Nicely done. What donuse for texture on the walls? Sand? Polyfil? Snot?

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