6 comments on “An advert for my megagame.

  1. That’s ace man. I like the font and the red

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks man. Loads of fonts are available at Da Font- my friend mentioned it to me. I chose three ‘Russian’ styled ones. This was the one most readable.



  2. Looks good to me Pete. The red and black are striking and stand out which i guess is what you woukd want an add to do. I googled “Russian Fonts” and there are loads you can down load for free. Not saying you should or that you want to but for something special you might want to take a look. Did this once to get a Western style font as Word didn’t have anything close.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      It was my friend mentioning da font that got me thinking and allowed me to do the advert- it was the most readable but still ‘Soviet’ looking font. The others were a bit hard on the eyes.



  3. Rory Crabb says:

    Looks good.. nice and Russian… Only suggestion would be to knock the “mega” part of Mega-game onto the next line so as to get rid of the hyphenation.. would look easier on the eye 🙂

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