Something of an update.

I’be been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently and that is due to my upcoming megagame eating up all my hobby time. The playtesting and writing is over just now got the production side of things to do…

… I have been getting in the odd game here and there. Tonight was a playtest of some Vietnam mods to 5core Company Commander that Evan is working on ( sorry no pictures). The game before that was my Chechen game- the scenario needs tweaking before we play it again but it looked good- and I did take some pictures:


A establishing shot of the table- a road that needed to be cleared going through heavily wooded ground.


Some of my Chechens dug into and ambush position.


A Russian Vodnik armoured car enters the table.


Covered by the guns of the AFVs the Russian infantry begins to advance.

As is usual I took loads of photos at the start but then got wrapped up in the game and forgot to take so many. Still endless photos of my Chechens being gunned down by 14.5mm MG fire wouldn’t be a great reflection on my gaming skills now….


I was doing some reading on the battles that Army Group Centre was in in 1942 on the Eastern Front late in bed the other night and the thought occured to me that I wasn’t enjoying the book… that got me thinking it was perhaps because it was translated from Russian as I’ve never enjoyed reading any book that has been translated from Russian. Whether it is a history book or Dostoevsky and regardless of who the tranlator is they have never sat well with me. Have any of you noticed this?


One more thing of note: I did play in one of those ‘Escape Rooms’ that are very popular at the moment. Basically you are looked in a room and have to solve various puzzles against the clock to win, ours (I went with some of the Pennine Megagames crowd) was submarine themed- that got my vote straight away. We escaped with over 10 mins to spare so we did quite well considering there were lots in our team who’d never played before. Good fun and I’d do one again. No photos from that either as they don’t want to spoil the surprise for subsequent players. The link to the company’s web page is here.




10 comments on “Something of an update.

  1. Nice pix mate and I’m paying special attention to the terrain because I want to start getting into Bolt Action. Did you make the trees and muddy roads? The escape room game sounds claustrophobic but fun at the same time.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      The trees are mostly bought- they are the twisted wire and flocked ones. The very big one is home made though. I made my own trunk then covered it in caulking with rubberised horse hair for the canopy covered in flock. They can be time consuming but you get quicker the more you practice them. The roads are caulking again this time onto brown felt following this tutorial:

      What armies are you looking to get for Bolt Action then?

      The escape room was pretty claustrophobic if you don’t like being shut in a small dark room, I didn’t mind it that much but it did get rather warm as there was no AC in it.



      • I’m ok with small spaces or big ones. I don’t have any phobias, do you? Thanks for the link man I’ve saved it. I’ve never thought of using silicone before. I’ve had some brits and germans BA for a couple of years that my wife bought me. Still haven’t put them all together yet though. Then last weekend at the little Wars show thing I got some real bargains and bought soviets, British airborne, some SS and also some US marines haha. As I’m not a part of any clubs or anything I wanted to have a bit of this and that so my mates can come over and play. None of them are into the hobby like me but they humour me from time to time and give me a game haha. I’m determined to learn all the rules with BA too. With 40k I’ve basically made up my own summarised and bastardised rules haha.

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        I’ve no phobias- all my fears are rational- I’m heavily built so I wouldn’t wedge myself into tiny space incase I got stuck… but I could be shut inside a box all day and not freak out, if anything I’d use the quiet and dark for a quick kip.

        Caulking is useful stuff for terrain- it does come it too sorts- silicone and acrylic over here and only the acrylic stuff takes paint. I’ve tried to paint some silicone stuff on my bathroom wall I was too lazy it scrape off properly and it didn’t end well.

        British Airbourne and SS is craying out for an Arhem game then. I had a great Uncle who fought there- carried a piece of shrapnel from the battle in his shoulder for the rest of his life. Not looked at the Bolt Action rules before so I’ve no idea how they play.



      • You kipping in a box is both funny and sad. It made me think why would you sleep in a box? Then I thought oh homeless people sleep in a box but then I thought homeless people don’t caulk their bathrooms because they don’t have bathrooms and if they had any spare money I don’t think they’d be buying caulk. It was quite the journey of thought let me tel you.

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        That isa pretty deep train of thought you went on. Rough sleeping has been on the increase here, town has far more of them than I can remember for a long time- tragic that in this day and age that they still exist when it is, and should be, an easily solveable problem..



  2. On the subject of translated books the problem for me is they usually keep the original charachter names and I can never pronounce them which puts me off! The escape room is not something I’ve heard of at all but does sound interesting. Like the game board, looks set for your megagame.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks- it is coming together. Very busy with counter production atm. My pronunciation often lets me down too especially with the east european names.

      Escape rooms are pretty popular at the moment. I’ve friends who have done loads of them.



  3. Marvin says:

    Nice – that’s what tables were made for, in my opinion! Liking the vehicles too.

    My wife keeps badgering my about doing an escape room… I keep saying ‘no’! I think I’d have trouble taking it seriously. Besides, what happens if, because of all the excitement, you need the loo half way through? Now that would make me panic. 🙂

    • Pete S/ SP says:


      You should give it an escape room a go- I didn’t find it too hard to go with the flow and play along. The production quality is quite high so it helps with the immersion. We were only in ther for 40mins, I was more desperate for a drink afterwards as it was rather hot and stuff in there. Good job I didn’t have beer with my pre- game pizza really.



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