And now for something completely different: 40K Chaos Cultists.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been gifted a box of the rather nice new Van Saar gang figures for Games Workshop’s Necromunda. I want to do a good job painting them so I thought I’d get my eye in on some other GW figures first. To this end I bought one of the cheap packs of Chaos Cultists and gave them a go.


You’ll notice I based them on washers- I’m not a fan of the big lipped bases.








I’m pleased with how they turned out; I went for drab muddy colours trying to get some feel of the whole ‘blanchitsu’ things. Was good fun paining Sci Fi figures- like being 12 again. In fact I’m looking forward to doing some more.





23 comments on “And now for something completely different: 40K Chaos Cultists.

  1. Faust says:

    Nice work Pete! I really like the colors on the third guy (brown robes/gas mask). Also nice job highlighting those guns. I just highlighted the gun on my Van Saar guy last night, and now I see that I need to go do it. I used Eshin Grey over black, but it’s way too faint. I’ll have to try the next color up. Darn it.

    Not seeing the standard bases weirds me out a little bit. In a way it makes a lot more sense not to have that lip. I think I’m too far down the rabbit hole to change now though.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Faust- the red was shaded with Tamiya Clear Red over Vallejo Red Leather. The brown is Vallejo Track pirmer with a Army Painter Dark Shade wash over the top. The Guns were Miniature Paints Chainmail with 2 washes of the Army Painter Dark Wash, then it was Vallejo German grey worked into the flat parts leaving the metal at the edge.

      I figures I’d base the figures to match the rest of my collection to keep continuity going.



  2. I like them! Colourful but muted at the same time! And, we have something in common . . . I just do not like bases with big, high or rounded edges! I based all my Warmachine minis on washers! Uh oh, the cat’s out of the bag, now people will know I actually have some non-historical figures!

  3. Azazel says:

    Nice work, Pete! I think the guy with the pistol and the flail is my favourite of the bunch. The red mask just looks really good in the midst of his grey hair. Also like the way you’ve added the ruins and debris to their bases.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thank you Azazel- I think my favourite is the one with the Plague Doctor style mask for some reason though the two with close combat weapons look meaner.

      The bases were a test for how I intend to do my Necromunda figures.



  4. Barks says:

    Very nice! I’ve got some of these on my workbench too.

  5. Hey my friend those are Super nice! That sounds like a fun game! Awesome paint jobs! Hope you are doing well my friend?
    Take care now.
    My friend

  6. Hey hey 40k !!!! Whoop whoop, whoop whoop.
    Very nice Pete. Do more and more and MORE. Terrain too. Then one day I’ll come over and play yayyyyyy.

  7. They look awesome, I loved Necromunda back in the day, but have no interest at all with it now.

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