Bargain price game mats.

Given the quality job Pix Art Printing clicky did with the game maps for my recent Case Blue megagame I decide that I put some more business their way. Several years ago I bought a few game maps from Wargames Vault clicky with the intention of printing them out onto paper and assembling them as a jigsaw. This didn’t work so well for various reason… but now there is Pix Art I decided to send them there to be printed. Using MS Publisher I added all the images together into one massive file and then waited for a special offer to be on to maximise my savings.

20180830_182421 2

In the End I got a 130cm by 350cm vinyl at printed for £30 including delivery from Italy.

20180830_182432 2

I got a 120cm square wasteland mat that will be ideal for any game set in the Middle East/ North Africa, as a point of comparison the going rate for a comparable sized mat by itself seems to be about £25.

20180830_182437 2

This 120cm by 60cm costal strip will be great for ampibious landing be it in WW2 or the Dark Ages, the textures should work for both 20 and 28mm sized figures.

20180830_182442 2

I added a few maps from my Print and Play board game collection- here we have maps for the Russo- Japanese War, WW1, fictional WW3 and right up to date with the War in Donbass.

20180830_182446 2


A slightly smaller urban mat- should be useful for some of the 40K figures I’ve painting recently.

20180830_182451 2

Finally I printed the map for use in Brian Train’s free urban COIN game: Maracas clicky


All in all I’m really pleased with this. They should last for ages and as they are easy to roll storage isn’t a problem either.







14 comments on “Bargain price game mats.

  1. Mike says:

    The Donetsk Airport game map has my attention 🙂

  2. Crikey, Pete, that is excellent value and they all look very nice! I like the coastal one in particular!

  3. Hi those are some great maps:) I really like that idea:) Well bone Pete.
    Dave in USA

  4. Marvin says:

    Interesting that you had to source it from Italy. Looks like you’ve made a great purchase there. Liking the Russo-Japanese War map!

  5. Very nice maps. I like the idea of rolling and Storing:)

  6. Azazel says:

    These look very cool – and you certainly can’t argue with the price!

  7. That is amazing value. I checked with my local printer and they were quoting near enough £40 for a metre square to print onto vinyl. The look the bees knees too. I have loads of maps from Heroic Maps, this seems a good value way to get the bigger ones printed.

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