The Great War: The French Expansion Kickstarter has arrived.

The Great War is a game inthe Command and Colours family by Richard Borg which I got into when it was first kickstartered (is that a verb now? I kickstarter, you kickstarter, we all kickstarter?) a few years ago. The Great war as a conflict can be tricky to game, especially the Western Front in its trench warfare phase; whilst low level games of trench raiding may work gaming the actual attacks across the no man’s land can be problematical.*

Richard Borg has made a very fun game that uses managing two hands of cards to allow you to ‘enjoy’ the frustrations of the war. It is very difficult to set up a good run of things, tanks break down all the time and you never have enough artillery but when you can coordinate everything it is very satisfying. As a result when the 3rd, French, expansion (based around the battle of Verdun, was announced I backed it straight away.

I picked it up from the Post Office on Saturday and got it opened up.

20180908_151628 2

The main box with the modest extras I got, I managed to restrain myself and not go overboard with buying everything this time.

20180908_151814 2

The back of the box telling you what you get.

20180908_152010 2

The contents- lots of scenarios, a full set of figures for the French and extras for the Germans and British.

20180908_152944 2

The figures again separated by type.

One nice feature is that this exapansion adds loads of specialists to the mix (spotters, officers, extra ammo carriers, flamethrowers… that kind of thing) as well as rules to add them into the previously published scenarios. By using a list to see how many to add into each game and then cross referencing a table to see what was available in each year of the war you have, for the first time, a personal choice in the make up of your force in a scenario.

Talking of scenarios: I’ve played this game at least 20 times now and am yet to repeat a game. Now with this expansion bringing the number of different scenarios up to 62 I reckon I’ve still got about a hundred game left at least before I repeat myself (I’m counting playing the same scenario from different sides as different games).

In other news, and featured here because she sat in the box the game expansion came in, I’d like to introduce my new cat: Ticker.

20180909_011748 2

I had been with out a pet for a couple of years after my last cat Mickey (huge b&w Tom) had to be euthanised after developing tumours and was waiting until a cat needed a home came along. Ticker was the cat of a friend of a friend of my Mu7m’s who sadly passed away and she needed rehoming. She has been a little timid and standoffish but she is partly, or probably mostly, siamese and I’ve heard they can be like that and take a long time to bond so I’m giving her plenty of space and affections while she settles in.






*Though not impossible see Martin Rapier’s work here:

12 comments on “The Great War: The French Expansion Kickstarter has arrived.

  1. Ooh, I like the look of the game! Sounds good. What size are the figures (although I reckon I probbly wouldn’t paint them if I bought it)? I’ve restricted my 20mm WW1 games to either early war, late war or Eastern Front, where more mobile conditions existed for larger scale actions.
    Thanks for introducing Ticker! She’s obviously starting to find her feet, otherwise she wouldn’t be in the box! Good on you for giving her a home!

  2. Sounds good mate. Will you teach the new cat how to play?

  3. dave2718 says:

    I like Great War a lot. I agree that between scenarios and playing both sides, replay value is high.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      It is one of my go to games for when I can’t decide what to do or haven’t got anything arranged. With the new specialist figures it adds even more to the game.



  4. Marvin says:

    Working on some WWI French figures myself at the moment so this is a very timely post. I’ve had a look at the figures for the game on the website – they look great.

    And so does your new cat. I’ve got two myself, so I fully appreciate having them around. They are both rehomed cats. Our first cat took almost a year to be comfortable enough to sit on our laps but once that bond was fully established it was all the more genuine because of the time taken to build trust.

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