Whoop, Whoop: das Geräusch der Polizei.

(With apologies to KRS-One)

Elhiem Figures has recently released two version of the (in)famous East German Trabant car: one civilian, one police. These are 3D prints and are rather nice, much better than the Shapeways ones I bought several years back.


The pair of little Trabants.


Believe it or not over 3 million of them were made.


This Police one should really have lettering on it but I didn’t fancy trying out my freehand on it so left it off.

Both were painted in acyrlics before being weathered with oil paints. The blue police lights were done with Games Workshops range of gem paints; they look OK but I don’t think they were really worth the extra effort. Still given how little paint I used they should last for years.


They make a nice little pair and should be some nice set dressing if I ever set a Cold War game in East as opposed to West Germany.





14 comments on “Whoop, Whoop: das Geräusch der Polizei.

  1. Nice. I have quite a few 1/43 diescasts of East European cars for Little Cold Wars. What scale is your Trabbie?

  2. Hehe random but cool. I really like them. I think the gems paint worked really well. I’ve never used them but have seen some good things done with them.

  3. Used to see these when I was stationed in West Germany. (yes I contributed to the inhibition of The Soviet Horde, at the behest of Ronald Reagan) 😁

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      That is cool- what unit did you serve with? My Uncle was stationed in Berlin with the Military Police.



      • 249th Engineer Battalion and the 18th Engineer Brigade

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        What years were you there? I take it you were part of CENTAG? My Uncle was there right at the end when the wall came down. He was kind enough to bring me a bit of it back.



      • I was there from 1986 to 1989. About 3.5 years. When I left they were still shooting people going over the wall. 6 months later there was no more Wall. I was based out of Karlsruhe. We were a USAREUR asset, above corps and Army level. I would love to have a piece, I feel I played a small part in the fall of the Soviet Union, and that makes me proud. Best, Mark

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        You’re right to be proud of your service. Unsurprisingly you can buy bits of the Berlin Wall on ebay. Mine has a bit of orange paint on it, it is made from an incredibly dense and tough concrete.



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