Fast and dirty crowds.

On a whim I bought some railway modellers’ pre painted OO scale  civilians from ebay;  they were very  cheap and I’d seen someone use the O scale ones well on Lead Adventure forum. When I got them they were worse than I expected if I’m being trueful but decided to base up a few any way and see how they looked.


Firstly I textured some ply hex bases with homemade textured paint. I glued the figures on, gave them a heavy all over wash of Army Painter, drybrushed the base and then hit them with some matt varnish.

If you look at an individual stand you can tell how awful they are.


That said I think the mass effect works and they should be useful for some modern city based games. When the rest of the packet of a hundred are done it should make quite a crows.. The same ebay seller has civilians in arab dress so I may pick up a packet of those too.





18 comments on “Fast and dirty crowds.

  1. Good idea using these! Look good enough masse. Sadly, some have got way better dress sense than me!

  2. brtrain says:

    These look better than the cheap ones I found in a strange store I wandered into in Seattle once. They were badly cast in a weird flesh coloured plastic but had better poses, since they were called “Disaster People”: small children running hand-in-hand from an unseen threat, a Granny raising her cane, a confused policeman with drawn pistol, a woman standing with her head in her hands… unfortunately only a dozen were available so it’s a small but frightened crowd.

  3. People as terrain! Works for me. I do like the basing and as NPC types would work fine. I like the thinking out of the box!

  4. Nice job Pete. I bought some unpainted ones like this for pennies for a Northern Ireland cold war project I have never got round to yet. In a big group I reckon it does the job! I even thought about giving them an abstract single colour and use different colours to depict different crowd states ie red for aggressive, green for passive etc etc. That would save me trying to paint individuals…….

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Col. Mustard. I too plan a NI game but haven’t got round to it yet. The colour codes crowds are a great idea, quick to do and clear as to what they are on the table.



  5. Agree with the others Pete, enmasse I think they work pretty well.

  6. Stephen Renwick says:

    They work well together, and to be honest they are much better than the base with the word crowd on it 👍

  7. Hi my friend Great Idea:) I used those same guys but z scale for Battle tech crowds I also got some Nscale guys as WW2 Refugees they had some nice ones with Suitcases etc… made a few Carts for N scale 10- 12mm WW2 I did repaint most of them sadly they looked right crazy But the OScale don’t look to bad:) I’m going to try them for my sons Zombie game. Take care my friend.
    Dave in USA

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      He Dave- thanks. They’d have looked great with the mechs towering over them. I like to throw civilians into modern games to give players something to think about.



  8. Faust says:

    Look pretty nice to me. Would go really well on a sidewalk sort of base, as they look sort of like an urban crowd to me.

  9. Haha they’re cool! Sorry I’ve missed some of your posts mate. Catching up now.

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