Twilight 2000/ Post Apocalypse Soldiers.

Growing up, as I did, at the tail end of the Cold War one of RPGs that really drew me in was Twilight 2000; a game that I’m sure most of you are familiar with too. I never played many games of it: the combination of modern weaponary and 19th century medical care meant that and wounded characters didn’t last that long… I keep thinking of returning to it but as a battling warlord skirmish campaign type thing rather than a straight RPG. Nonetheless in the meantime I keep collecting bits for it as and when, in fact my earliest modern figures started of being collected for Twilight 2000.


Elhiem Figures have released a very nice set of mounted (ex)soldiers suitable for the game. Even better, due to the modular design of the figures you can have the same figure mounted and dismounted.


To give them a ragtag look I mixed in bits on non- camouflaged clothing. They have a nice mix of weaponary too. I think it would be worth making them up as a special group of NPCs for the player characters to encounter if you were running a campaign.


First up with have a guy in a black T-shirt carrying a shotgun.


Next we have a guy in the earlier M1 helmet talking on the radio.


Man waving pistol about- there is a slung rifle on his horse.


One man carrying M16 and binoculars- probably my favourite one.


Bareheaded with an M16.M203 combination.


Floppy bush hat with an M249 Minimi Squad Automatic Weapon.

The horses have the legs of the riders suclpted on them- the torso fits in with a plug, a sperate set of legs are available for the dismounted figures so you can mix and match until you are happy with poses. It is nice to have this much flexibility when putting together the minis. If some more were to be released but with Soviet/ Russian weaponary I’d be very happy as they’d complement this set immensely.






27 comments on “Twilight 2000/ Post Apocalypse Soldiers.

  1. Nice work on the camouflage Pete.

  2. Like them! Clever idea – I really like the matched mounted and dismounted versions. I think I’m with you on the guy with the M16 and binos being a favourite!

  3. Hey these are Great! Nice paint jobs great infoI love Twight 2000 I have made a lot for this game:) Road Warrior cars fit in Great I have some other mounted models and the Grenadier ones Love those models the most:) hey can you keep an Eye out for a pack I’m missing of the Twight 2000 Grenadier ones? I’ll get the number and name and ad it on here. I would pay you a good bit for them:) I’ll send the info in bit need to find it. Thanks for the Great post:)

  4. Hi again it’s GRENADIER TWILIGHT 2000 US ASSULT SQD PACK NUMBER 408 Thanks for any help finding these guys:) God Bless
    Your Friend Dave in USA

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Hello Dave- thanks for that. I’ve some of the rare GW Dark Future figures too for Road Warrior type stuff too. I’ll keep my eyes out for the figures that you are after- I have to say it has been a while since I’ve seen any for sale. All of mine were by other companies mostly Libertation in the early days.



      • Hi that is most kind:) I love Dark future my friend lol it’s like we think alike. I have some of them to I have the Santa from a Con GW did he even has a Santa Gun car:) When I ran him at Christmas he would give players in my RPG miniature game cool stuff. If any thugs or greedy players were trying to give old Santa problems he had funny weapons that did not hurt them a bit but messed them up like Marshmallow Guns that stuck there car to the road and he would let go The My favorite little guy I made up The Christmas Helper Goblin he was in all my games (still is 🙂 just for fun and he would cause all kinds of problems:) this was of course just fun no death or pain fun little games at the Holidays. Just for lol and the gifts were good for the next year to use like a Fate roll for saves so thier PCs would not die:) stuff like that swords of stun etc ..,, Nick only gave non lethal stuff. Anyhow I do miss Twilight 2000 Thanks for bringing it up makes me want to dig it out it’s been a while.
        Well Take care my friend.
        Dave in Virginia

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        Glad the post triggered some good memories Dave. The Dark Future Santas sounds great fun. The social side of gaming is what makes it really special if you ask me.



  5. Chris Mikucki says:

    Pete – great post and trip down memory lane backed by nice brushwork – well done.

    I started with the 20mm Twilight 2000 figures as well – I still have a soft spot for them. Growing up near GDW back then, we actually played a campaign with the RPG system and I always wanted to I get minis to back it up.

    I have a complete set of the books still, so love your idea of adapting the work to support a tabletop campaign. I agree the old mechanics don’t support but its a rich background and I’m sure will be a lot of fun.

    Really nice painting and collection.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Chris. I’m pretty sure I did try to write a Warlord generation system – I’ll have to look to see if it is in my piles of old notes. I’ve got all the stuff to make it happen now so their shouldn’t be much of an excuse not to do it.



  6. Nice paintwork! I had some of the original T2000 figures which went very well with the Esci M-1, Hasegawa Leopard 2 and various Majorette diecasts – now long departed alas. I ran a Twighlight 2000 game over many instalments from the late ‘80s to about 1991 which produced some memorable characters and incidents. Share are you now, Master Sergeant Obelix (he was a big lad) and pfc Billy Joe McCrapper (very poor coolness under fire rating)? And did you know there’s a bar in Katowice called (inevitably) Rick’s Place?

  7. I like the matched mounted and dismounted troops.

  8. Looking good, Twilight 2000 was not something I got into as I was more interested in stuff prior to 1900.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      My military history interest only really gets going at about 1815 onwards. I dabble with earlier stuff by 20th century is wheree it really is for me.



  9. Azazel says:

    Nice work there. We used to play Twilight a lot back in high school. What a mathematical nightmare wear all those charts were, yet we persevered.
    We used to use those packs of 1/76 moderns for our characters and nods and opponents so I can really appreciate what you’ve done with these guys here. I also really like the “foot and mounted” aspect as well.

  10. You’ve done well man. The camo and horses look great. I’ve never heard of or played Twilight 2000 but it sounds pretty cool.

  11. jasonweiser says:

    Nice job on those guys. I commissioned them from Matt because there was no US cav for Twilight 2000 to go with the Soviet and Polish packs. Happy you did them justice!

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