Speed paints and a fail from the shed.

I’ve been hit with the painting bug recently so have been trying to get stuff finished off in the shed.

I quickly knocked out these Pegasus Vietnam US marines see review here I really liked them. Good sculpts and a wide range of weaponary being fielded.

vietnam marines

With the recent games of 5core: Brigade Commander that we have all been enjoying I’ve bought some more 6mm/ 1/285th / 1/300th aircraft to add some variety. The most recent ones to be painted up are:

il 28 beagle

An IL28 ‘Beagle, model from Scotia Grendel.

su 7

A Su7 ‘Fitter’, again from Scotia Grendel.


A Skyraider painted in Vietnam era US Navy colours. Model is from Raiden bought via Magistermilitum when they were getting rid of their stock.


A Korean War USN era Panther again from Raiden.


Last of the aircraft was an early 1960s USAF F100 Super Sabre, also from Raiden.


When I bought the GW 40k Chaos Cultists that I blogged about a bit back I also bought some poxwalkers the Nurgle Zombie type things. In my minds eye I had an idea of what I wanted then to look like… rotting green appendages going into pale sickly looking skin. Accordingly I didn’t think that my usual speed painting methods were suitable so I tried to paint them ‘properly’ you know, washes, shading, highlights and so on. I spent ages on them and I don’t think the end results justify the time invested. I mean they look ok but still a long way from what I wanted to achieve. Still, it serves me right for being clever I guess.

pox walkers 1

pox walkers 2

pox walkers 3

So for my Van Saar Necromunda gang that I’ve currently got on the painting bench I’ve gone back to my tried and trusted methods….





15 comments on “Speed paints and a fail from the shed.

  1. Mike says:

    I really like the Fitter and the Hun. Nice work, Pete!

  2. Think you are being hard on yourself Pete, they look very good to me.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks TIM, you are kind. It was just frustrating not getting them to the level I wanted. I think more washes would have got them there but I decided I wouldn’t go back to them.



  3. All very nice Pete (well, OK, maybe the poxwalkers would be best described as gruesome, but I like them anyway)! Vietnam marines look really good!

  4. Agree with TIM, very nice in quantity and definitely in quality. Kudos Pete!

  5. Nice planes and I think you’ve done well with the Pox mate. Maybe just a little bit more blood and grime here and there would be my suggestion.

  6. Marvin says:

    Great stuff! Love the jets. Funnily enough, I saw a De Havilland Vampire jet fly right over my house this afternoon. Random but true!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. I love the early jets- I wonder where the vampire was going?



      • Marvin says:

        No idea where it was going, RAF 100 years being celebrated so maybe something to do with that? Was a bit surreal to see it just clear my roof. To be honest, it was the sound that first alerted me – even when cruising it was a distinctive high pitched metallic sound like a jet in a steep dive.

  7. Chris Kemp says:

    Maybe some dull green wash to tie the skin and appendages in together? Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria makes skin that colour 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

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