Rhodesian African Rifles.

The Rhodesian African Rifles have had a long and illustrious career fighting firstly for the British empire and then after the UDI for Rhodesia against the Marxist/ Maoist insurgents groups of ZANLA and ZIPRA.

With a similar motivation to the previously posted BEF, I had a scenario in mind for these figures, I dug out 4 ‘sticks’ worth of Under Fire Miniatures’ Clicky 20mm RAR figures.


Clad in the typical Rhodesian camo I did half with painted rifles to add a bit of variety.


The 4 man stick was a unit organisation peculiar to the Rhodesian armed force, based around the number of men that could fit in an Alouette III heicopter as used in the ‘Fire Force’ missions in the later stages of the Rhodesian Bush War. The 4 men, as seen above, carried FN FALs and one had a FN MAG GPMG, one man was a signaller wilst a further man was trained as a medic.

For more information on the Rhodesian Bush War and the RAR in particular I strongly recommend John Wynn Hopkins’ blog : Rhodesian War Games





20 comments on “Rhodesian African Rifles.

  1. Sapper Joe says:

    Looks like a great paint job on those figures.

  2. Only fired an FN once, was not impressed compared to the M-16 or the AK-47. However, like the short history lesson, and really like the figs. Your camo is excellent. I only wish the photos resolution was a bit better, these look great Pete.

  3. You have been busy! Like the figures and the background!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks- I thought I’d best make the use of my enthusiasm whilst I had it.



      • Pete, I’m being a bit thicker than usual at the moment, but I never seem to get the option to “like” your comments, which I’d normally do so you can see I’ve read your replies! So please don’t think I never appreciate your replies!

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        That is no problem. In fact I’m glad it is not me who is having that problem. I only seem able to ‘like’ posts on other people’s blogs when I use the app on my phone and even then it is patch. I wonder what is causing it?



  4. Nice paint job, I have vague recollections of playing a game with some Rhodesian forces once. Thompson’s are light compared to a BAR 😁

  5. Azazel says:

    Nice work on these, Pete. I don’t think I’ve seen Rhodesians in miniature form before. I’ve seen a few customs in 1:6, but nothing like these. Great work!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Azazel. It is a pretty niche conflict but there a few bits out there. Recently there has been more books/ gaming supplements that cover the war coming out.



  6. […] SP also had a busy month – completing three distinct units. Firstly a platoon of 20mm Rhodesian African Rifles from Under Fire […]

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