Tech Noir take to the field.

I had my first game of Necromunda with my new gang yesterday. It was also my first time down at a local games club (great venue and great guys there, loads of really cool terrain too). Whilst I used the gang list I intended to use in the campaign it wasn’t a campaign game- the injuries and any experience gained would not carry through. It was quite good fun to create my gang- something I’d not done in years.

Marcus was a great player; introducing me to the system, and a very useful gang management program yaqtribe (would have loved it in the 90s). Interestingly Marcus had a Van Saar gang too so they game was more about trading shots than running in to close combat (something that Van Saars are terrible at).


The game table. This is one of the ‘small’ tables set up for Necromunda.

The game went really well- I read through the rules so had a good idea of how it plays. That and the new version of the rules has a lot of similarities with the old version I’d played so much.


Led by the Champion with the Rad Cannon Tech Noir move forwards.


My leader figure is pinned but a ganger (in the foreground) offers covering fire.


Champion with plasma pistol moves forward- the gun ran out of charge/ ammo so was reduced to chucking grenades by the end of the game.


The opposition- Marcus made very similar colour choices to me with his gang.


Marcus’ leader and ganger taking cover behind a barricade.

The game went in my favour with my opponent suffering some terrible luck but it did give me lots of ideas of how Tech Noir will play out in the campaign proper.


Now I’ve got a grasp of the rules I’m really looking forward to getting into the campaign, first game is on Thursday. I even went to the local game shop to buy tactics cards and game dice in preparation.





23 comments on “Tech Noir take to the field.

  1. Faust says:

    Awesome, looking forward to hearing more about your games. Will you be facing off against other gangs then?

    Pretty interesting table, very grungy looking. Being in IT, I immediately recognized the case fan and the power supply, haha! It’s always so hard for me to “unsee”’those things.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      There are five other gangs in the campaign so I’ve got a game against each of them then a final multiplayer battle. Inbetween I can have as many challenge matches as I like.

      Yeah there were quite a few PC components on the table. Given I’ve got an elderly PC tower it has given me a few ideas….



      • Faust says:

        I guess aquarium parts work pretty well too. Since I can’t identify those, it’s likely what I’ll be using! 😉

        Good luck with the campaign! Sounds like you are off to a decent start.

  2. Wudugast says:

    That looks ace – lovely and grungy and just the inspiration I need!

  3. Very nice terrain. Sounds like you had fun. Am I drunk? Is that why the pix are blurry. I am on my fifth Johnny Red OR were you drunk when you took the pix haha

  4. Le Bim says:

    Superb gaming table ! Great times to playing on, sure !

  5. Does look pretty good! Hope you enjoy the campaign – looking forward to reading how it goes!

  6. Nice post, fun looking skirmish. Board is impressive!

  7. A good looking game with some funky terrain. Still trying to avoid temptation!

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