Necromunda Campaign- Game 1.

Last night I went down to the club for my first scheduled campaign game. There are six gangs taking part and we each have a game against each over gang programmed, then a final multiplayer game to finish off the campaign. In between times you are free to challenge any other player for a match; useful if you want to steal a specific territory from them.


The table complete with light up plasma ball.

My first game was against my old friend J with his Goliath gang ‘Golgotha’s Furnace Boys’ I’d seen some of the conversions he had done and I knew that they’d be monsters in close combat, something I was keen for my fragile little techno-nerds to avoid.


My leader Ozerov organises the firing line.

As such I had no real plan other than to shoot them as much as possible and run away if they got close. Sadly the shooting part proved to be tricker than imagined given the weakness of my weapons’ strength against J’s roid- raging gym bunnies’s toughness.


Over on my right flank I put my faith in the heavy weaponary.

A further complications was my run of bad luck in ammo checks: a one point all bar one of my gang was unloaded, fortunately at that time the Goliaths were too far away to take advantage of it.


Two of the Goliaths advancing forward.

The game was a case of death by a thousands cuts for J. Lots of shots taken by me resulted in lots of flesh wounds slowing him down. The only ‘kill’ (out of game result) was my juve ‘Chagin’ taking down the champion Goliath ‘MC Slammer’. For the record all my gangers were named after Russian Admirals from thee Russo- Japanese War (I grabbed a book that was close at hand to crib them from).


MC Slammer just before his encounter with twin laspistols.

J was on balance more unlucky than I was with three of his gangers going out of action with bad recovery rolls on his part. His juve ‘Twink’ made it all the way across the board before being riddled with lasgun fire before being dispatched with a shot in the back.


The firing line held. Held, but with a lot of reloading.

With a lot of his gang down J decided to ‘bottle’ and leave the field leaving me the winner. In the post battle sequence I captured one of J’s fallen gangers meaning he could, if he wished, challenge my to rescue him back. As he declined I sold the ganger on for the cash. In the end I got quite abit of cash that I’ll think on how to spend before my next game. Looking forward to it already. Thanks to J for the great game and Marcus for coming down to open up the club for us both.







13 comments on “Necromunda Campaign- Game 1.

  1. Faust says:

    Nice write-up Pete! Not too long, and some nice pics to accompany your narrative.

    Looks like you played on a different table this time around. The plasma ball made me laugh…but you know what…my son has one…and maybe that’s going to make it’s way into one of our games! “Sure, you laugh now, but you know someday you’re going to want your own plasma ball!”. Do different people all have their own terrain? Do they have to setup/take down the terrain each time?

    You’re at 2-0 now, right? Nice work. How do you feel about the new rules and your gang so far? Sounds like you’re having a great time!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Faust. Am 2-0 now yeah, be interesting to see what next week’s game is. The gang to beat at the moment is the Escher gang…. There are three Necromunda tables set up at the club for the campaign. 2 big tables for the main games and the smaller table for challenges. I think all of the tables have some electronics built into them- I think it is a nice touch. I laughed myself when I saw it. The club is in the basement of an old industrial unit and is lucky enough to be able to leave it set up for as long as needed really. I’m not sure as to who own what though.



      • Faust says:

        Sounds like a pretty awesome place. Do gangs sometimes hit a downward spiral? I’ve had that happen with Blood Bowl teams, where they sometimes get so beat up that there isn’t much hope except to retire them from the campaign. Not sure if that is something Necromunda takes into account or not.

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        No idea- it will be interesting to see how it does take it into consideration. There are mechanisms to balance the game- gangs with a lower rating get extra tactic cards to play for example. Hopefully I won’t find out….



      • Faust says:

        Haha, good point! I’m waiting for the all-in-one rulebook before I truly dive in. Hoping to at least have team #2 painted by then.

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        I hear you- I’ll be picking that up too along with at least one other gang (either Cawdor or Delaque).



  2. Nice game set-up, minis and terrain! Good result for you!

  3. I’m currently at my daughters dance concert and read this during the intermission and thoroughly enjoyed it. Good pix too buddy. That terrain is great. Ok back to glitter and high-vis tuttu’s haha

  4. IRO what size tutu fits you? 😆 Still, what a good dad!

    Back to Pete, nice write up dude. the terrain is a big monster project in and of itself.

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