Necromunda Campaign Game 2

Yesterday I went down to the club for my second outing with ‘Tech Noir’. I was drawn against Mark’s Escher which I knew would be a tough fight as they have poisoned weapons. Lots of poisoned weapons. The only real counter to them is to be tough, tougher the better… something my pencil- necked techno geeks aren’t.

necro 2_1

Tech Noir lined up before deployment on to the table.

For the second cycle of the campaign the scenario was predetermined to be ‘The Hit’ with elements of the stronger gang trying to take out the leader of the weaker gang. Reading through the set up details I thought it was as good as it could be. The Escher would have to come to me and I would just try to put as many shots as I could at the as the advanced.

necro 2_2

We played in the bottom half of this 4 foot by 8 foot table. I set up in the tallest tower roughly in the middle of the full table.

necro 2_7

Taking the high ground and deploying in all round firing positions.

I set up on the high ground as is my preference and waited the onslaught. Mark being the canny player that he is pegged my Rad Cannon armed Champion, Popov, as the biggest threat on the table so took him out with the first shot of the game with his sniper. Slumping wounded Popov fell off his lofty perch and plummented downwards. In the rules you take damage for falling, and falling 10″ would hurt most people. Fortunately one of the upgrades I bought after my first game was grav shutes for key personnel. This meant- although seriously injured he suffered no further damage from the fall.

necro 2_8

My ganger, Egor’ev,  who came on as reinforcement tries to take out the pesky sniper. Whilst he could pin him it never converted into any damage.

I moved a ganger, Ferzen, down to aid Popov’s recovery as the posioned wapon shots gradually took out my gangers. The Rad Cannon Champion and the assisting ganger were both taken out of the game by a poisoned knife. However Smirnov, my other Champion, took out one of his opposite numbers with a well aimed shot.

necro 2_9

Here you can see the Escher (Mark is using Dark Elsar as proxies) about to charge two of Tech Noir.

At the top of the tower Ozerov, my leader, realising that the Escher Gang was gunning for him decided that it better the run away and live to fight another day moved out of the way of the sniper who was itching for a shot. The ganger I’d left up their to defend him proved to be pretty effective in keeping the Eschers from getting up to that level of the tower.

necro 2_10

At game end- the middle sees my remaining champion stuck in melee whilst at top left Ozerov hides whilst protected by the ganger Rodionov.

I was getting plenty of hits on Mark’s gang but getting that converted to taking people out of the game is something I struggled with my low powered weaponary. As it was both Mark and I needed to take bottle tests to see if we would continue fighting. Careful use of a tactics cards gave me the edge and I passed my roll.; Mark failed his which meant he called off the hit on my Leader. I scraped a win, I had 4 fighters down so it was something of a pyrrhic victory.

That said the cash, reputation lift and Rogue Doc that has now joined my gang will be useful for future fights. I think a challenge match is in order though to get some more experience for my gang as though I’m two wins for the campaign my gang is small compared to the others.

I will have to see what I can get sorted for next week.


By the way I took a shot of the club space. As you can see it has plenty of room and tables. Currently four are given over to Necromunda, with two for Infinity and one for the Batman game.

necro 2_4




24 comments on “Necromunda Campaign Game 2

  1. Azazel says:

    Looks like it was a lot of fun – and speaking of looks, those tables are great!

  2. Sounds fun man. I need one of those grav shouted for when I fixing roofs and gutters.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Was a really good evening. Things would be much easier with SF technology. As an old Cyberpunk 2020 playerI’m looking forward to a bionic eye the year after next.



  3. A great sounding game….the club space looks good, ours is in a hall so nothing is permanent.

  4. Both looks and sounds good and a good result for your gang!

  5. Nice game Pete, and great that you have such a club. Outstanding!

  6. Faust says:

    Love the pics, especially of the club. Looks like you all have lots of space, so nice! Congrats on your win, against the toughest of opponents. Sounds like you’re racking them up! How many members in your gang so far? I think I counted 9 on the table? How many members do the other gangs have? I originally planned to paint 6 of each gang….but maybe I need to get more done?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Faust. Got ten members in my gang but only 9 models have been painted so far. I’m looking at expanding quite a bit so I’ll be buying another box of Van Saar. I think most gang members started with 10 models this time. Apparently one thing that the playersw took home from the perviouds campaign was that small gangs don’t do so well. I think some gangs are up to 12+ members now.



  7. Rupert says:

    Hi Pete, is it the Holmfirth gaming space? or somewhere in Town? (doesnt look like celler dwellers place or the game shop…) Rupe

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Hello Rupe, it was actually at the Celler dwellers- they have moved out from directly underneath laser quest to the same building but a bit further along.



  8. […] make another 6 person gang, like the Goliaths I did. Since then I’ve been eagerly devouring Pete S/P’s Necromunda  Campaign posts. I’ve been learning quite a bit from those, and it sounds like I might need more than just 6 […]

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