The latest additions to my 6mm (1/300th) Cold War forces.

I’ve been busy in the shed expanding my Cold War micro armour collection in preparation for a multiplayer game of 5core: Brigade Commander that I am planning.

6mm US

First up with have a mix of US Army vehicles: A Command stand and a company of M1A1s plus extra ATGM, mortars and Vulcan AA cannons mounted on the ubiquitous M113 chassis.

6mm Warthog

To give the US some air support I painted up a A10 Thunderbolt II aka The Warthog. Probably THE close air support aircraft for the Cold War period.

6mm Harrier

For the Brits I have done a Harrier GR3, for a change I decided to do it in the winter camo scheme often seen sported during deployments to Norway.

6mm jaguar

Also for the Brits I’ve painted up a SEPECAT Jaguar, one of my favourite Cold War era jets.

All the models are from Heroics and Ros apart from the infantry that are from Irregular.





14 comments on “The latest additions to my 6mm (1/300th) Cold War forces.

  1. Nice selection, Pete! I like the M1s!

  2. Dave says:

    Good stuff Pete. I will be keen to see how it works out.

  3. Marvin says:

    Love the jets in particular, with possibly the Jaguar my favourite of the bunch.

  4. Looking great, I do like the Warthog…probably one of my favourite post WW2 planes that and the A6 and the Tomcat.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. Hard to pick a favourite post war jet- my taste runs to the earlier era but the Warthog is just too much of an expression of a brutal aesthetic not to love.



  5. The Jets are cool man!!

  6. Great stuff that brings back memories Pete! I fired the Vulcan in training (talk about ammo consumption), and it was a very brief hoot. The A-10 firing its Gatling gun overhead at a range is another fine memory. Ok, really loud, WAAAAAAAAAAAAP. The Fairchild A-10 is beloved by the Army,and the USAF always wants to ditch it. Love your work here, hope to see your game soon!

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