Megagames Report: Everybody Dies 3: Playing with Fire.

I’m a bit behind with putting up my megagame reports so expect a glut of them over the next few days… They might not be as long as previous game write- ups but I’m keen to get as much down on each of them.

ED3 1

The very evocative map was back- new were dragon miniatures.

The first of September saw Pennine Megagames put on Becky Ladley’s Everybody Dies 3: Playing with Fire. This was a return to the Game of Thrones world; this time set a good 150 years before the novels/ TV series. The big feature of this game is that it featured large numbers of dragons flying around and getting involved in the narrative. As I’m, seemingly, one of the few people that have still not read the books or watched the TV show I volunteered to control. I was put in charge of running the map where those players commanding armies would be.

Keeping the players on track proved to be hard work and I’m sorry to say that it was my first experience of players purposely bending the rules. I’m sure it happens in many games, but it was a first to see it first- hand…

ED3 3

The busiest part of the map for the whole game.

The game was very much focused around the events in King’s Landing where the King died in the first turn sparking a civil war between the Greens and Blacks. There were only a few battles on the map so most of the day I was regulating movement and calling players on it to keep them on the straight and narrow… some not liking that.

ED3 4

Becky had won a competion to get an ice sculpture- got to be a first in a megagame.

As the third run of the game it was very slick in terms of the mechanics. Becky had done a great job simplifying and clarifying both the map movement and the combat. Using the same basic mechanisms for both land and naval combat was a good idea and the game handbook was well produced.

ED3 5

Daniel lays down the law with a two hand point during a combat.

For an excellent reflective piece by Becky on her game look to her blog here.





6 comments on “Megagames Report: Everybody Dies 3: Playing with Fire.

  1. Rupert says:

    Come on Pete, catch up – this is yesterdays news 🙂 It is shame when players bend the rules, unfortunatly I think it happens in most big games (megagame or otherwise) Sometimes its inthe heat of the moment rules get forgotton (Supply in The GB invasion game, or rum in the Pirate game) or overlooked, I think there will always be players who deliberatly bend or break the rules ( i regurlarly wargame with someone who is always tinkering with their moves/re-roling dice hoping you hadnt noticed their first roll!). Its good control can straighten them up as it is frustrating for most players to watch somebody not abiding by the rules they are (especially in a non competataive game) abiding by. I supect most players still had fun though!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Hello Rupert. I know it goes on but this is the first time it happened to me directly. It went beyond what I consider the usual ad-hoc improvised nature of of megagaming into out right cheating.



  2. Rupert says:

    Sorry to hear that. I hope you improvised some calamities to befall them!

  3. Sometimes ya gotta be the sheriff, always appreciated by the other players!

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