Mixed fortunes for Tech Noir: Necromunda Campaign games 3, 4 and 5.

I’ve played several games in my Necromunda campaign in quick succession so I have decided to do the write ups in one go.

For the campaigns third game I had to intercept Niall’s gang of Genestealer Cultists who were trying to escort an Imperial agent safely through the underhive.

necro 3_1

I did my usual trick of setting up on the high ground to present a firing line of gangers whilst my champions and leader went in on ground level to try and do the damage.

necro 3_2

The plan was OK and I had a couple of early success, especially in getting rid of the webgun armed cultist that would have got annoying quickly but overal I found that whilst I wasgetting lots of hits on target I wasreally struggling to convert them into damage.

necro 3_3

As a consequence I got quite badly chewed up inthe game and had most of my gang out of action.

necro 3_5

My fourth game was a challenge against Marcus and the campaign constant opposition. It would hopefully be an easier game and allow me to regroup before my next campaign fight.

necro 4_1

Fighting Fighting genestealer cults again wastough, again I struggled to convert my hits into damage. This is due partly to bad luck and partly to the low power of my guns.

necro 4_2

The game saw us trying to defile a relic/ marker belonging to each gang. I played defensively; by trying to make the cultists come to me I was hoping that the high rate of fire I could put out would chew them up.

necro 4_3

This didn’t really happen, and after some nasty brushed with the bigger genestealer mutants I cheesed a win by the clock running out on the time we had to play in.

necro 4_7

My fith game, and fourth campaign game was against Joe’s Venator (Bounty Hunters) gang. I knew this would be a hard fight as they are a powerful and well equipped gang. This was made harder by the scenario as the game was played in the dark. Line of sighht was limited to 3 inches and 12 inches if you have night vision (as most of mine did). Furthermore isolated figures could be picked of by monsters in the dark

necro 5_1

The game was a bit of disaster. My luck was against me and many, many volleys of grenades were thrown in my direction (they could be thrown blind).

necro 5_2

Again what hits I did get on targets for the most part failed to convert into any damage.

necro 5_3

In the end I voluntarily withdrew from the battlefield… to add insult to injury one of my gangers was captured. My next game will be a rescue mission to try and get him back.

necro 5_5

After these games the weaponary for my gangers needs a re-think I’ve got some ideas of what to do plus another box of gangers and some upgrade parts so hopefully next time I should do a bit more damage.





20 comments on “Mixed fortunes for Tech Noir: Necromunda Campaign games 3, 4 and 5.

  1. Azazel says:

    Despite the rough time, the games look like they were a lot of fun. Loving how good those tables look as well!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Yeah all three were great fun. The tables are wonderful. There are four set up at the club now for Necromunda. Played on all of them now so I’ve got a good idea of what suits me on each.



  2. A great post Pete. Rescue missions are a good game, I remember them from the first time around. My Spyrer’s used to capture people lots… 😈😈😈

  3. Looked like fun even though you need to pull an A-team op!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Yeah will be a joint game with another gang. I’m hoping to shoot him on to the objective as that would play to my strengths. I’m looking forward to it.



  4. Faust says:

    At this point, what were most of your gangers carrying? My son’s team seems pretty decent, but taking a Goliath out can be tough. Though he reached the point where he upgraded one or two guns, so he will certainly get tougher soon. Likely dropping the rad-cannon, though I’m going to check the stats/cost of it and maybe house-rule it back to older, more efficient stats. If too powerful, then something in-between.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      I’ve been doing well for money so I’m pretty well equipped now. Everyone has a laspistol and most of the gangers with basic lasgun have got the hot shot upgrade added to them. Most carry grenades of some sort too. All of the champions and my leader have grav chutes too so I don’t have to worry about being shot off tall bits of terrain. Given I cantrol the underhives power and can turn the lights off at will all my gang have photo goggles too. The other thing I’ve been doing is layering armour over my basic bodysuit, flak for gangers and juves with mesh for the leader and champions, as my leader has a energy shield too it gives him a resopectable 3+ save from ranged attacks.

      If this link works you should be able to see my set up:


      Hope that helps.



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