Progress Report: 4th quarter 2018 and end of year round up.

In the last three months I have painted 19 28mm figures and 124 20mm figures. I finished 5 1/72ndd scale kits, two 1.144th scale kits and 17 1/3400th scale vehicles. I have also read 36 books.


For the year that makes…

123 6mm figures painted,

300 20mm figures painted,

77 28mm figures painted,

51 1/300th vehicles finished,

2 1/144th scale aircraft finished,

12 1/72nd kits wee completed,

I also read 138 books.


All in all a pretty good year. Comparable with last year for figures/ kits done but my bext year yet for books.





22 comments on “Progress Report: 4th quarter 2018 and end of year round up.

  1. That’s impressive! Surprised you’ve found the time to breathe, let alone eat, sleep and play megagames!

  2. Azazel says:

    That’s a pretty impressive count – especially with all of those books in there as well!

  3. Geez Pete I wish I could get anywhere near that level of production! I better stop sleeping as much!

  4. Well bloody done sir. I’m always impressed with how many books you read. I’m so envious.

  5. By heck you have been busy! Sad to say I don’t think I have read a single book this year that wasn’t a rule book. 😞 I have listened to lots on Audible though.

  6. cptshandy says:

    Wow, this is very impressive. Last year, my painting came in fits – bursts of activity and then nothing for a while… Lets see if I can get to a more regular rhythm this year.

  7. Impressive accomplishment Pete – and great looking stuff to boot! Her’e to 2019!

  8. Faust says:

    Wow, man! Great work last year!

    Yea, I’ve recently discovered that TV Binge watching is the bane of painting time. It’s something the Wife enjoys though, so it’s nice to do together. But my painting production totally goes downhill when there is “a show to watch”.

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