From the Shed: 20mm WW2 AB Brits.

I’ve just finished up these figures from AB (now sold by Euerka in Australia and available in the UK from Fighting 15s).

ab brits 1

They are wonderful sculpts; lots of character has been put into the faces. They were fast painted with my usual Vallejo acrylic paints.

ab brits 2

I’m not a big collector of WW2 Brits as both Evan and Bill have extensive collections, still it is nice to have a few about here and there.

ab brits 3

There is a Bren, a 3″ and a 2″ mortar as well as lots of SMGs. It should add to my modest collection well.





12 comments on “From the Shed: 20mm WW2 AB Brits.

  1. These look great Pete!

  2. Le Bim says:

    Very nice Pete !

  3. Marvin says:

    I can see why you like them, they’re really fine figures. Well painted too with the best acrylic – Vallejo.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Absolutely Marvin. Tony Barton has to be in my top 3 favourite sculptors quite easily. Changed to Vallejo some years ago and never looked back. Although I do use other manufacturers stuff occasionally if they do a particular shade that I am after.



  4. Faust says:

    Those are sweet looking. Yea, definitely have some nice character in the faces too.

  5. Azazel says:

    That’s a great looking little troop of Brits there, Pete!

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