From the shed: some 20mm scatter terrain.

Yet more comes from the shed, this time for my 20mm/  1/72nd collections.

Bill gave a plastic shed that he didn’t want- he had bought it as a partof a job lot of second- hand railway bits. I quick coat of paint and a bit of weathering resulted in this:


I think it turned out quite nicely, will be nice tucked into the edge of a field in a rural setting or possibly at the end of a garden.

telegraph poles 1

telegraph poles 2

The telegraph poles were designed and laser cut by  friend, based on a picture from a book on the fighting in Sicily in WW2. Not the most exciting of items but they’ll look good lining a road.





15 comments on “From the shed: some 20mm scatter terrain.

  1. Azazel says:

    These are looking good. Little details like the telegraph poles add that extra to a table.

  2. Nice! Anyone old enough, and a Monty Python fan, will know you need two sheds though!

  3. Warbringer says:

    I love the poles they look so cool. I love terrain on a board I’ve finally invested in some more for my 40k table.

  4. Looking good Pete. Some poor railway worker has lost his trackside tea shed 😂

  5. Nice stuff Pete. The little stuff goes a long way to make a great table.

  6. Damn that shed looks like an old Triang Railway shed (or was it Hornby?). I seem to recall having that exact same shed (minus the flowers and lovely paint job) about 50 years ago just before I lost interest in model trains and my father became irreversibly hooked on them.

  7. Faust says:

    Those are both pretty nice. The shed is great, but for some reason I also really like the poles. Maybe because I havent seen them too often.

  8. […] this, Pete scaled up to 20mm with a reworked plastic shed and a nice set of laser-cut telegraph poles. I’m sure the poles could work well in a variety of scales, and even have a place on his […]

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