From the Shed: Dug in E100.

The Entwicklung series of tanks was an attempted rationalisation of the German tank production towards the end of WW2. You can read more about it here and here.

The E100 was a heavy tank,  comparable to the better know Maus, armed with a 128mm gun and a coaxial 75mm L48 gun.

e100 1

I bought this 1/72nd Dragon kit many years ago to use the running gear for resin conversion (into an even sillier 150mm armed jagdpanzer version) as such I’ve had the spare hull and turret sitting around planning to do it as a dug in version. A group build on the Wargamers Forum link gave me the impetus.

e100 2

e100 3


Next job is to come up with a scenario to use it in… I’m thinking Russian Engineers or Commandos sneaking up at night to blow it up….






18 comments on “From the Shed: Dug in E100.

  1. Oooh, an E100! I do like that! Very nice!

  2. Bill Weston says:

    Looking good there Pete. Will have to sneak up on it one night
    with those satchel charge and flamethrower armed Russian engineers you’ve got.

  3. That is a beast, a raid to destroy it sounds like a good idea. The Battalion of infantry defending it may be an issue though 😉

  4. Ooh yeah the scenario sounds good! Anything with commandos is cool 👍🏼 Looks good man. Hey, I’m half way through “Come and see”. It’s a hard watch and I wouldn’t say I’m enjoying it as such but it is compelling viewing.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      I don’t think it is wrong to ”enjoy” watching ‘Come and See’, you are right it is a tough watch but I like art that confronts and makes you feel and think about things. At the enmd of the day you can enjoy difdferent things in different ways on different level- its what makes thing interesting.



      • True man. I guess I wouldn’t watch it if there wasn’t some level of enjoyment but it’s definitely uncomfortable to watch but I guess that’s the point hehe

  5. In all of my reading and research somehow I’ve never heard of this series before. Thanks for surprising me with something new about paneers Pete! And I di like the model too!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Glad I could teach you something new Mark. There is a few pics about (I’ve got them reproduced in a Panzerwrecks books) of a Brit soldier next to the unfinished E100 hull after hostilities in WW2 had finished. It was a massive tank.



  6. Chris Kemp says:

    My cunning plan for dealing with a dug-in E100 would be to take a wide detour via the local brewery!

    Regards, Chris.

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