Update… Feb 2019


I thought I’d do a quick post as something of an update…. Especially as I’ve not posted in 3 weeks.


Long story short the black dog has been visiting… nothing I can’t deal with as I’m used to his company these days but it has knocked my productivity a bit.


As some of you may or may not know I’ve been trying to get my history PhD up and running, I (thought I) had funding in place (for Plan B) to start in January but due to an admin balls up it got pulled. I’ve been working on a Plan C recently and I can see a way forward now so things are looking up.


As such I’ve not done a ‘plans for 2019’ style post. I guess I’ll just continue on as I have been, there is no new projects I want to start and lots to do with what I have got on the go. So keep watching the space.


Thanks for reading so far on what is a rather self- indulgent post….





18 comments on “Update… Feb 2019

  1. Hope your plans come together!
    I haven’t done a formal plan for what I’d like to paint this year, but the informal one seems to have plenty in it! Neglected periods/conflicts seem to feature heavily!
    And it’s your blog, so where’s the harm in a bit of self indulgence! 🙂

  2. PhD? Well we are all going to have to check our historical refence facts very carefully in the future! Good luck with it mate and I hope you enjoy it.

  3. brtrain says:

    I didn’t know the black dog visited you… I’m glad to hear that you see a way past him.

  4. Marvin says:

    Take it easy fella. It may take a little time, but things will get better.

    Best of luck with Plan C and that history PhD!

  5. cptshandy says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve also made the acquaintance of that animal… glad to hear it’s gone now! And glad to hear that there is a plan C going on. All the best to you!

  6. Good luck Pete. Know that you have a lot of folks who enjoy your blog and your hobby work.

  7. I made a plan once, you might remember. It turned into more of a restrictive dark beast than I wanted, so I had to knock it on the head… Life is so much better when you can free yourself from those metaphoric chains…

    Keep painting what you like, when you like, and smile while you are doing it..!

  8. Azazel says:

    Hope things are doing better for you now, mate. I can certainly sympathise on a few levels.

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