Progress Report: 1st quarter 2019.

“Fugit inreparabile tempus…”

In the past 3 months I have painted 76 20mm and 8 28mm figures, finished 2 1/72nd kits and read 34 books.


Good on the reading but not so high on the figures and kit side of things.


Here’s to the next three months.





19 comments on “Progress Report: 1st quarter 2019.

  1. Actually, Pete, that doesn’t sound like a bad haul to me!

  2. Jenn says:

    That sounds like great progress to me!
    And here I was proud of having finished more than one book this year so far!
    Keep up the great work, look forward to reading more of your posts soon

  3. I’m with JNV, sounds very good to me too!

  4. Sounds pretty busy to me mate.

  5. Azazel says:

    Yeah, sounds pretty impressive to me. Kits idling for a month. Or months. Or years. And occasionally decades. Par for the course with my stuff.

  6. Marvin says:

    I think that’s an impressive figure count, never mind the serious amount of books. I think you read more in 3 months than I do in 3 years!

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