From the Shed: Iraqi Army Platoon.

These 20mm figures from Liberation miniatures were speed painted by me in a couple of days. The simple uniform that is being modelled here (good for the Iran- Iraq war, Gulf War and right up to the 2003 invasion) combined with the great painting style made for an enjoyable painting experience, even though I was painting so many at once.

Iraqis 1

The full group of 32 figures.

Iraqis 2

A Squad with a representative and varied mix of weapons.





8 comments on “From the Shed: Iraqi Army Platoon.

  1. Very cool Pete. Love the poses. Nice painting.

  2. Nicely done Pete, for 20mm I reckon that takes some doing.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. Speed painting is not about talent just the application of techniques. As long as I know what I’m going to do I can work through no problem. I wouldn’t do it with figures in camo. I trtied painted 40 Waffen SS for an Arhnmem game in one go many years ago and found out it was past my limit.



  3. Very nice! You’re getting quite a bit done lately. I like Liberation Minis stuff, although it’s a while since I painted any!

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