Inquisimunda game 1, narrative 40k

J, who had invited me down to the game, was in charge of the scenario for the game. The basic proviso was his Inquisitor character had stared into the abyss too long and had been drawn to chaos, in the last game- involving combat set on a damaged space ship – he had come to grief that resulted in him being rebuilt with a snake body/ tail for his lower half by dark Adeptus Mechanicus who were also tainted by chaos. This group had a gate to the chaos realm that they were trying to open to unleash all sorts of demonic entities into the world. My cultists were local muscle that were brought in to help defend the chaos gate. Against us were Grey Knight Space Marines, two Rogue Trader bands as well as some Dark Eldar who had been betrayed by J’s crew in the previous game. At least that is my understanding of the starting points, I think it was the fifth game for the others in the campaign… oh and parts of the damaged- now blown up – space ship were falling on to the planet’s surface randomly throughout the game.


The table. The globe in the middle was the chaos gate I was to help defend.

I built a 1500 point force using the yaktribe website, going for the quantity rather than quality approach. In the end I was able to field 13 of the 15 cultist I own, I just left out the webber and one of the autogun armed ones.



The scenario dictated a close in defence of the gate- it did leave us a little exposed.

The chaos aligned forces set up around the chaos gate in the centre, whilst the varied opposition entered from the board edges. Pretty quickly I was assailed by the Dark Eldar, tearing through my lightly armed cultist, still I figured I was there to provide the cannon fodder so was happy with that. Joe’s Rogue Trader force entered from my left; using the more freeform roleplay aspects of the game he tried to make radio contact with any faction on the board, he got me, going with the theme I claimed to be local forces/ planetary defence force and needed help against a xenos incursion. This succeeded and meant I didn’t have to fight two forces at once.



Chaos Cultist and dark Ad Mech start to fall from being assailed by the various forces.

This reprieve only lasted a turn as contact was made between the two Rogue Trader teams and the really situation explained.



The casualties mount, sacrficed to protect the precious thing.

Given the 2 to 1 outnumbering and exposed position we started in my and J’s forces dropped like flies. His attempts to open the chaos gate came to nought when his leader figures dropped. At this point he tried to persuade my forces to sacrifice ourselves whilst he fled. However, as he failed this roll I decided for narrative purposes to take umbrage with this and attempt to open the chaos gate myself.


The Dark Eldar witch makes it to the centre and dispatches the chaotic leader.

This I did, but rather incompetently, spew dangerous energy everywhere and having one my fighters sucked into it. It seems that my cultist keenness is in inverse proportion to their competence.


However the follow- up att ack into my heavy stubber amed cultist didn’t go as well. He promptly turned around and killed the witch.

With the main chaos personalities down and the gate open dangerously spewing random effects into the area the other forces beat a retreat. Thus, the game ended with my cultist in possession of the gate. It will make for an interesting jump off point for the next game. It was suggested that I come up with the next game which will be fun.


Again, it was another great game down at the clubs. I really enjoyed getting my chaos force on the table; I wouldn’t mind expanding it a bit with some of the new plastics from the Blackstone Fortress boxset that GW have just put out. Playing a narrative, non- competitive 40k where you could go deep into the backstory/ fluff and create your own is something that has been on my to do list for a while now and it didn’t disappoint.





16 comments on “Inquisimunda game 1, narrative 40k

  1. Wudugast says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun, love games with a more narrative aspect like that. Looking forwards to finding out what happens next, an open warp gate like is bound to mean trouble!

  2. castigatoruk says:

    Great stuff. I do enjoy the narrative approach and that’s a lovely looking environment as well.

    It’d be good if you could share some of the more unusual profiles like the Dark Eldar and the Dark-Mech or explained how you devised them within the ‘Munda ruleset….mainly because it might spark ideas for my own campaigns 😉

    I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode 😀

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. I can’t take any credit for the terrain as it is all the clubs and mostly the workl of Mark.

      Given the rules are basically the 2017 version of Necromunda most of the other units are based on that. I know that the Dark Eldar were run as Escher which really suited them. I did think that the Grey Knights were underpowered… as for the rest I couldn’t tell you but I will ask and get back to you.



  3. Steve says:

    Really enjoyed the narrative, a great read 👍 sounded like a lot of fun to play too

  4. Well done on getting the gate mate. I enjoyed the read. The pix are a bit blurry though, although I did lose my glasses on the holiday haha, but all the terrain looks terrific. Is “narrative” exactly what it sounds like?

  5. Nice set-up and sounds like it was a lot of fun! Will be interesting to see where this goes next!

  6. A good sounding game. 👍 Looked good too. Narrative games are great for adding a bit more interest. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  7. Coronasan says:

    Great terrain setup, looks like a good story as well

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