From the Shed: US Rangers and Special Operations Forces.

I’ve just finished up some quick US Speical Operation Forces types.

sof and rangers

First up we have 4 men armed with MP7 Personal Defence Weapons (the fancy new name for SMGs that fire modern body armour defeating ammunition), great for clearing buildings .

sof mp7

We have a 2 man command team for the Rangers: a soldier with a map and a radioman. Useful for bringing in off- table assests.

ranger command

Finally a pair of snipers manning the huge .50 Barrett sniper rifle. Witha massive range (and massive weight to go with it) it is an immensly powerful weapon.

ranger heavy sniper

Again Elhiem figures were the manufacturer of these figures; can’t wait to get them into a game of Black Ops or similar soon. All of the figures were painted in the latest multicam cammo pattern uniforms.


14 comments on “From the Shed: US Rangers and Special Operations Forces.

  1. Yeti says:

    These are awesome, seems like 20mm has a lot of great options. Is that plasticard being used for the bases?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Yeti- loads of options in 20mm for modern gaming, Under Fire and Liberation are go to companies along with Elheim. 15mm by 20mm rectangles of plasticard are what I use for figure bases.



  2. patmcf says:

    So well painted Pete ,the camouflage is excellent and as for the basing it is really well done mate ,big pat on the back mate !

  3. These are really cool, and the camouflage work is top notch. You’ve done the Rangers and snake-eaters proud I’d say. What scale are these?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Mark. The figures are 1/72nd scale so 20mm I try to keep my figure collecting to as few scales as possible so I can reuse the scenery as much as possible.



  4. Ooh, I do like them! Great Elheim figures nicely painted and based!

  5. Cool man. I like the little details like the camo map

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