From the Shed: African Huts.

A fellow member of The Wargamers Forum had put up some pictures of the 1/72nd/ 20mm African themed terrain he was working on. Some of this scratchbuilt stuff he cast in resin for himself, I sent him a cheeky message seeing if he was willing to sell a few castings.


A week later, after money was sent via paypal, these arrived in the post:


Here they are finished:



I gave them a very quick paint job, the cast texture really took to the sponge, wash and drybrush techniques I used. They shall be very useful for my long running Rhodesian Bush War games.





19 comments on “From the Shed: African Huts.

  1. Nicely done Pete! I like them!

  2. juergen olk says:

    very nice work,I will also post on FB page.Well done.

  3. Azazel says:

    They look great – and just in time to also count for the June Terrain Challenge – just link ’em over in the challenge thread!

  4. patmcf says:

    They are really good ,very effective ,you got value for money there Pete !

  5. Pete do you do these in 28mm as well?

  6. Wow mate you’ve done a smashing job 👍🏼

  7. Marvin says:

    They look terrific, Pete!

  8. […] Projects Blog completed multiple projects this last month – the first being this trio of rather charming African Huts obtained from a poster on The Wargames Forum who created and cast them […]

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