From the Shed: A bit more terrain.

First up is the compound that I made with the parts from Maenoferren which he had 3D printed. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. Should get lots of use from Colonial through to 21st century. A big thanks to him again.


I also got some paint on the last bits of Ainsty Casting‘s Sewer section that I had sat about undercoated for at least a couple of years.




It is a nice system don’t get me wrong but it has been a bit of a white elephant costs wise. Today, knowing what I now know I’d go for printed mats but there is still an tangible tactile fun manipulating the resin blocks, not dissimilar to Lego really.


For a couple of things I’ve done in the past with it see here and here.





15 comments on “From the Shed: A bit more terrain.

  1. Marvin says:

    Another peach of a building. Just needs some dusty French Foreign Legionnaires slothfully milling about, suffering from the debilitating effects of the Cafard…

  2. That compound has come out well! The sewers look the part as well, but I know what you mean about mats – they provide a lot of flexibility at a reasonable cost! And, for the record, I love all things Foreign Legion, even though I’ve only got a small number of the old ESCI figures that I use for the Sino-French War of 1883 – 85! Oh, not quite true, I’ve got a Legion battalion for WW1 as well!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks John, I’ve looked at the ESCI figures but opposition for them is lacking somewhat- in plastic at least. I’ve a handful of modern French figures for the operations in Mali or Afghanistan which could quite easily be FFL. I had an old friend who was in FFL in the 80s… he had some stories….



      • Not wanting to tempt you, but I have a feeling Strelets are doing some Foreign Legion for the 1920s and Rif rebels to fight them! I can bet there are some interesting stories indeed!

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        I saw the early reviews on Plastic Soldier Review, the FFL look good- the first set of Rif rebels less so. I’ll still probably p[ic a set up as they should mix well with the B and B miniatures stuff that is available.



  3. Very cool building Pete – reminds me of the hooch I lived in in Niger (in the Sahara) back in 86-87.

  4. […] second of Pete’s terrain projects for June was this Compound made from 3d prints courtesy of Maenoferren. Bloody nice work, if you ask […]

  5. Sorry man I missed this. Just saw it on Azazels page. Love it 🤘🏼

  6. Really like that Compound! It came out Super nice. And the Sewers are Great I want some of those. They look really Great Pete.
    Take care my friend.

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