Not from the Shed: Teaching my Nephews to paint.

Given it has been the summer holidays for school kids across the UK I have been doing my ‘Uncle Pete’ bit and have started to teach my nephews (11, 9, 6) how to paint.

The oldest has wanted to get into Warhammer recently after playing it with friends at school and his younger brothers have expressed and interest too. So I dragged my paint across town to help them paint some figures they have picked up.


The oldest has started collecting Space Marines and did this character figure.

pwn 4

The middle one prefers fantasy and work on this Lizardman.

pwn 2

The youngest just wanted to do the ‘cool bad guy a cloak’ so painted this Nurgle Plague Marine.

pwn 3

I did this Age of Sigmar figure whilst I was there to show them some techniques.

pwn 1

A great day introducing the next generation into the hobby.





23 comments on “Not from the Shed: Teaching my Nephews to paint.

  1. davekay says:

    Nice, always great to bring younger hobbyists on board!

  2. My daughter always wants to paint when I do so I tend to let her paint the undercoat so she doesn’t cock up anything too badly (she’s only 3). I need to pick up some cheap rubbish things for her to do!

  3. That sounds like some awesome bonding time. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m betting you all thoroughly enjoyed it!

  5. Bet that was great fun. The chaos model is the best!

  6. Nice to see kids modelling! 😊

  7. Wudugast says:

    Good to see you inducting the next wave of recruits! πŸ˜€

  8. patmcf says:

    Good to see you have some talented apprentices mate ,they’ve done a great job by the looks of it ,I’d say keen young eye sight and steady hands helps !!

  9. Ann says:

    That’s pretty neat, sounds like a fun time for all. πŸ™‚

  10. Hey good on you teaching the young ones about wargaming and Painting:) The hobby is getting Grey and to many war gamers are not passing on the Tiny lead Torch! The Lads did a Super job:) Take care my friend.
    over the pond.

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