From the Shed: Old School Orlock (Necromunda).

I wanted to add an Ammo Jack (a special hanger on used in campaign games of Necromunda) to my roster and given that they can be equipped with a Bolter I thought it would be nice to use an old 90’s figure for the purpose.

orlock gun jack


I bought one from ebay and gave him a quick paint job. I’m rather happy with how he turned out (the club lighting was less than flattering) I’ll re photograph him outside when it stops raining.





18 comments on “From the Shed: Old School Orlock (Necromunda).

  1. Hey that guy looks Super good my friend:) Great paint job. Like that mini too! He looks cool:)

  2. Aww cool man. I do like the old school necro gear but, as yet, have none in my collection. You’ve done well with him man

  3. Wudugast says:

    Very nice indeed, he ties in well as an ammo jack.

  4. No school like the old school 😎 good job bud 👍

  5. Did you really mean “if it stops raining”? Nice mini though, Pete! 🙂

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Been raining here on and off for days now. Been flooding quite badly in South Yorkshire. I live on a hill so I’m OK but my mate who lives inbetween the river and canal had a flooded basement as the water table rose so much.

      Need to find a window in the weather to get some photos taken.



  6. Lovely work, but I always wince at the 90’s being old school! (joke) Anyways, great work Pete!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Mark- the older I get the more the decades seem to gallop past. Next year is 2020, a time I roleplayed extensively with Cyberpunk back in school- it makes me feel old now….



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