Update : The roaring 20s. . . ?

Firstly a Happy New Year to everyone. Also I hope you all had a good xmas holiday. Mine was very relaxed down in Kent at my partner’s Mum’s… that has been my big improvement of 2019 getting a wonder new partner.

This xmas the generosity of my presents from friends and family has been very humbling and has really been heartwarming.

In terms of hobby stuff the big item was a PLA Anycube 3D printer. I’ll post pictures of it once I’ve assembled it. It is not something I want to rush. I’ve loads I’m planning to do with it – a SF corridor set first I think as my first big project maybe some other SF terrain to get me started…


I also got loads of 40k stuff- my Death Guard Kill Team will be raised up to full army level. Additionally I got the box set of Imperialis Aeronautica so watch out for that too.


The other big thing for me in 2020 is that I’ll be starting my PhD- plan ‘D’ worked out so come March I’ll be at studying under Bath Spa University looking into Asymmetric warfare simulation models and their use in military training. Yup, a PhD in wargames. I’m really looking forward to it- I’m sure it will be lots of hardwork and some difficult times too though. Again watch this space as the game side of things will be blogged here too.


2019 saw lots of gaming but not as much megagaming- I think I was getting a bit burnt out with it tbh- will have to see what this year brings…


One last thing:


Where has all the time gone? It didn’t seem that long ago I would roleplay this every week in my early teens in the 90s….


The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.“- William Gibson.














37 comments on “Update : The roaring 20s. . . ?

  1. Looking forward to reading you game writings for your PhD … may even inspire me to get off a*** and get back to my MLitt in medieval history.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. You really should return to it. I’m a big beliver in life long learning and study. What specific part were you interested in?



      • Funnily enough I became somewhat of a well read student in medieval prostitution and the church … seriously. It was by accident and when I was studying Italian Renaissance history and decided for the first time in my university life to deal with a “women’s topic”. I ended up lost in some footnotes and eventually my Prof suggested I just write about what I had barren reading. Ended up with high distinctions for that. This was fresh on my successes showing that William Tyndale translated the bible into the vernacular for the money.

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        Sounds fascinating- it really should be something you go back to.



  2. Glad you enjoyed the festive period and looking forward to what you get up to in 2020.

  3. redcaer1690 says:

    A doctorate! Wow!
    Us Welsh specialists in asymmetrical warfare wish you well!😀

  4. Glad you enjoyed the Christmas break Pete! I wasn’t even aware that the People’s Liberation Army marketed 3D printers, so you live and learn! 😉 A PhD in Asymmetric Warfare Simulation modelling sounds like it’s going to be demanding to say the least! So Roaring Twenties for you definitely, whereas I’m working more on a Snoring Twenties approach!

  5. Happy New Year! May 2020 be excellent to you.

  6. Congratulations on the PhD mate, that’s a crazy accomplishment! Looking forward to seeing this move forward 👍

  7. Congrats on the PHD, my wife finished hers a couple of years ago. Good to see you joking the 3D family 😂. Bet you spend ages watching it when you first get it going.

  8. whovian223 says:

    That is awesome that you get to do a PhD in something you already love so much. Congratulations!

    And all the best in the new year to you as well.

  9. Marvin says:

    Best of luck with your Phd. Not that you’ll need it – a absolutely perfect field of study for you!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Azazel says:

    Happy New Year, good to hear how well 2019 worked out, and best of luck on the PhD!

  11. patmcf says:

    Sorry to take so long Pete , a busy Xmas has got the better of me .A PhD now that is impressive, I’ll say that even if I have no idea what it entitles ,my wife tried to explain it but gave up ,muttering something abut not being surprised I was the worst student my school had ever had ,which I thought was a bit cruel !
    Well good luck mate, and a happy New Year to you and your new partner and I look forward to hearing your progress reports in 2020,Cheers Pat.

  12. Happy New Year Pete,

    All the best for your projects in 2020


  13. A late comment but I was intrigued by your PHD gaming topic and what rules writer Andy Callan said of his own 1980s Maoari Wars rules (Military Modelling mag) see my blogpost https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/20/maori-wars-update-1846-1916-2017/
    about his Maori Wars rules being an asymmetric Vietnam simulation … much as H G Wells perceived or wrote The War of the Worlds as an asymmetric Warfare analogy on the Empire and Colonials in Tasmania analogy.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks for highlighting that- I’ll give te rules a go myself. All good SF, like HG Wells example, is about the present and current concerns as muych as it is about the future.



  14. Sounds great Pete. My West Point buddy Buck Surdu (he is on WordPress check his blog out) has a PhD and has commercially published dozens of rules and gaming simulations. Might be worth checking out. Best of luck in 2020!

  15. ignitedmoth says:

    How exciting about the PhD! So happy for you! Hope you have an amazing 2020! 😀

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