3D printer- my initial foray.

As previously mentioned I recieved a 3D printer for xmas and the past couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with it. I have also been looking on various website for as many interesting looking free files that I could find to try out.


Assembly was a breeze with only one recalictrant cable proving to be difficult so I quickly printed off the test file to see how it turned out. I was rather pleased with the results. Fast and not too noisy (the cat is happy to sleep through it running)- generates a lot of heat though.


The next day was, however, less succesful due to what is best described as user generated errors. I tried printing out a different figure but that one failed when a support gave way.


I decided to get some simpler terrain bits printed, that is after all what I primarily want to use it for. I found some rather nice manhole covers/ sewer entrances so printed off a set of 6 for myself.


Given how pleased I was with these I tried my hand at rescalling some vehicles and printing them out. I found a 1:100 set of experimental/ prototype WW2 German designs and selected the smallest and resized it to 1:72. The first time I printed it I didn’t reorientate it so whilst one side printed out very nicely the other didn’t do well at all.



I asked about and it seems that the correct way to go is tracks down so I tried again. Much better this time, but when it cam to cleaning off the suppors I fear I may have lost some detail.


On person did suggest printing AFVs with them stood on their rear hull, I’m not really convinced but in the interests of experimentation I’ll give it a go.


I also resized some 1:200 WW1 tanks to 1:100 to use with the Great War board game I enjoy. It is a rather chunky print but once cleaned up I rather like it.


That is where I have got to so far. I want to try some more scenery before I go into full production to make myself a Necromunda set up.





29 comments on “3D printer- my initial foray.

  1. Jeff Groves says:

    I think this is the future of modeling in one form or another. Following your adventures with great interest!

  2. One of these days I’ll own a 3D printer. Not yet though. I enjoyed seeing your experimentation.

  3. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it.

  4. Should be interesting to see how it all progresses. I think its more an art than science at the moment. Learning what settings your printer works best on.

  5. Those owls are too much! ❤

  6. Welcome aboard 😉 looking good Pete

  7. Good luck man. It’s definitely the future of minis and everything else. They’re even printing full scale liveable houses now.

  8. patmcf says:

    Looking good so far with the experimental stage Pete, after seeing what struggles Maenoferren has with his, this is certainly not for me as you know I’m a technical moron !so I’ll leave these magic machines to those with patience in abundance !!

  9. Hope to see what you come up with – I’ll still be melting metal…. Cheers!

  10. ignitedmoth says:

    So cool! (The owls are really cute BTW!) ^_^
    Also, I love those light up keyboards. If I didn’t have a laptop I’d be determined to get one!

  11. Azazel says:

    So very cool. I need to learn how to use these bloody things one day. Maybe I can get my work to train me up….

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      That would be good- proper training rather than my ‘what does this button do I wonder?’ approach.



      • Azazel says:

        Yeah. I put in a proposal to get one for this year but it got rejected. I may be able to get some paid training this year and then propose again next year once I have some idea of how it all works. Bonus of course will be a work printer will be better than anything I can afford myself, and we’ll need to test how well it works, and how detailed we can get.. and…

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        That sounds ideal if you ccan get it. Keep pestering them.



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