New (to me) art for my wall.

My friend has just moved house and was looking to rehome some art work, she offered me this piece with a military theme.


Either oil or acrylic, it depicts two German soldiers in action.






In situ in my office next to my Wyndham Lewis print.





14 comments on “New (to me) art for my wall.

  1. Very nice! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the original photograph on the cover of one of Purnell’s History of the Second World War magazines (and maybe even the one covering the invasion of Norway). Having said that, it would have been a few years ago, so I could equally be quite wrong! But still, a nice painting!

  2. Marvin says:

    A generous friend! Love to see a bit military art and this is a very nice addition to your walls.

  3. Awesome, that looks good

  4. Mike says:

    Pete, I don’t know how I keep missing some of your posts but I apologize for not commenting or liking sooner. Now, onto the paintings…..amazing!

  5. Azazel says:

    Very bloody nice work. I’m sure I’ve seen that photograph before as well. Lovely!

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