20mm resources for Zone Alpha.

Zone Alpha is a new SF skirmish ruleset from Osprey Publishing. I preordered it just after xmas and my copy arrived today. I had been following the development of the rules of the author, Patrick Todoroff’s blog Stalker7 link Taking its inspiration from Soviet/ Russian themed Science Fiction, starting with the excellent novel Roadside Picnic and the film of that book Stalker as well as the PC game series of the same name. Also the Metro 2033 series. It is a milieu that I’m rather drawn to (hence me having so many props at hand for the photo).



Players take the role of a crew of explores/ trespassers/ robbers infiltrating a alien contaminated zone to loot it for valuable artifacts to sell on, all the while battling each other and the mutated inhabitants of the zone. Given how much I have invested in the scale I will be playing my games in 20mm rather than 28mm (even though there are some great figures in this scale). I thought I’d jot down my ideas of what I’m going to be using…


Human figures:

The top billing should be the two boxes of plastic Stalker figures put out by Dark Alliance– ideal for this game and currently undercoated waiting to be painted on my desk.

Under Fire miniatures do some great ranges that will be useful- their Chechens will make excellent bandits and the Russian range an excellent military themed crew.

Similarly Elhiem miniatures does a comprehensive range of irregular and modern Russian figures ideal for this game. Also their spare head range contains both western and Russian gasmask heads that will be ideal for conversions (another project on the go in the shed).

Both Under Fire and Elhiem have featured on this blog in the past.

For some wierder cultist types Stan Johansen miniatures would be worth a look.

Zone hostiles:

I’ll be getting my vermin swarms from either the Reaper Bones plastic range or Irregular miniatures.

Zombies/ Ghouls will be from the Twilight Creations bag O’ zombies, my mutant dogs will be from the same source too. A few metal Elhiem zombies will be added into the mix too.

Mutants will come from the CP Models range; they have some wonderfully quirky bits in their ranges.


Here the advantage of choosing 20mm really comes in, so many plastic kits to choose from that cover Russian subjects. ICM, Model Collect, Revell, Zvesda are all company that you should look up.

If you don’t fancy making plastic kits look for ther many diecasts that are available for companies such as Fabbri.

The aforementioned Elhiem also other some 3D printed vehicles that would be great.

S and S models offers an extensive range of resin kits that cover most of the Russian basics.

Hope that will be of some use to you.


Given what I know I’ve got in the shed ready to go I’d probably be able to get a game up and running in no time at all… watch this space.






24 comments on “20mm resources for Zone Alpha.

  1. Westy says:

    Hola Pete.

    Good little article there. I look forward to the first game.

  2. ccglazier says:

    Nice one. Thanks, Pete. Now let’s see some photos, comrade.

  3. Interesting. I’ve heard of Roadside Picnic, but the rest is new.

  4. Jeff Groves says:

    Interesting premise.

  5. Looks like I’m going to have exercise a bit of willpower to resist getting drawn into this, but I’ll be following your progress for sure! 🙂

  6. Looks fun – can’t wait to see what you paint up Pete!

  7. Yeti says:

    This look great, will keep an eye out for the updates.

  8. patmcf says:

    Good choice on the Dark Alliance figures Pete the sets I have bought have been well made .

  9. to be honest I think I have overlooked 20mm since my Esci day’s. It’s a bit late now for me to change scales again but in honesty I really should have kept with it. A good article. I had sort of looked at the rules, but knowing nothing about them I didn’t bother.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. I think the rules are worth picking up- you can easily make a game up out of the bits and pieces you have lying around.

      I find terrain rather than figures tsakes up the most space these days.



  10. Cooooool. This sounds like my cup of tea. I’m hoping to paint up a whole bunch of hero’s and zombies for a zombie post apoc game so maybe they could work for this too.

  11. Azazel says:

    Yeah that looks fun.
    Since you two are getting over the Corona though – no more need for the two props! (Damn those things look claustrophobic…!)

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      It is a great game- sadly only managed a single game of it before lockdown…

      Don’t worry the props are back in the cupboard- not scaring the locals with them any more.



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