Game Report: Aeronautica Imperialis.

Just before the social distancing and lockdown came into effect here in the UK Evan and I tried the Aeronautica Imperialis stater box that I got for xmas. Having painted up all the aircraft in it I was keen to give it a go, Evan is always keen on any sort of air war game too.


We started off with simply one aircraft each; I took the Ork Dakka jet whilst Evan went with the Imperials. Getting the hang of the movement rules was easy enough and the shooting is simple to resolve. That said the Ork plane was shot down pretty quickly.

We then upped the numbers with Evan having both Imperial fighters whilst I took three Dakka jets. Whilst they can dish it out the Dakka jets have a glass jaw so it was another Imperial victory.


For the third game Evan took one bomber, with the mission to cross the table and escape, whilst I retained the three Dakka jets (I couldn’t help but reference the WW2 dogfight between a Sunderland and 3 JU88s in the Bay of Biscay here). With the last possible chance I managed to get the bomber shot down having whittled its hit points away one by one.


We managed all three small games in about 2 hours, just shows how quick to pick up the game is. Both of us really enjoyed it, I’ve picked up the expanded rules/ campaign book so wer’ll definiately be playing it again.





13 comments on “Game Report: Aeronautica Imperialis.

  1. That looks great, Pete! Interestingly, I’m thinking about trying Crimson Skies as an e-mail game (used to play the boardgame) and it’s hex-based as well. I’ll be keen to see how you get on with a few more games of Aeronautica Imperialis! 🙂

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks John. Never played Crimson Skies but I am aware of it… pretty sure there is a box of the old pre-painted minis in the shed somewhere. How were you thinking of doing it by email?



      • I’ve set up an Excel spreadsheet that has the hex map and all the plane data sheets in it. People plan their moves and then I plot them and resolve any firing or flying accidents since I have the rules. With just two people playing (one being me) There has to be a level of trust that I don’t look at the other person’s move before I plan mine, but you can sort of get round that by every second move I write my move in the back of the spreadsheet before I send it out, thereby trusting that my opponent doesn’t look at the move first! I do all the firing, since it takes a bit of working out – I’m trying it out against my boss, and it’s take him a lot longer than me to resolve firing! If it works, I might put it up on the blog!

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        Please do I’d be interested to see it. I’d assumed that you’d done a roleplay or something but that you are doing tactical combat that way is really good.



  2. patmcf says:

    Sounds like a fun way to whittle down those lockdown hours you are having at the moment ! 😊keep safe mate !

  3. Westy says:

    A very nice looking set of flyers and terrain mat. Am looking forward to the T’au expansion.

  4. Azazel says:

    Looks good. The main thing that’s prevented me doing more with my copy is, frankly assembling the aircraft. SOOOOOO many fiddly little bits! Your post makes me want to paint them and play, but sadly not assemble…

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