From the shed: Creature Swarms.

One of the monster types that can spawn in a game of Zone Alfa is swarms of creatures. I didn’t have any in my collection and thought that they might be tricky to scratch build so I bought a few from the Reaper Bones collection.



4 bases of rats, and 2 each of spiders and beetles should be enough for my purposes. They were fun and quick to do too. The Reaper Bones models are made of a funny plastic but they took (brush on) paint well. I’ll be getting some more of them.





23 comments on “From the shed: Creature Swarms.

  1. Swarms are great for horrifying PCs and players alike!

  2. Luke says:

    These are looking good. I like Reaper Bones, too. They are cheap and very durable. I have a lot of bones minis painted up that I let my 5 and 7 year old play with and I don’t have to worry about them breaking! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. They do seem pretty indestrucible. Any issues with paint flaking of as they flex?



      • Luke says:

        I have not had any issues, yet. I painted them up with Reaperโ€™s brush in primer and GW and Vallejo paints. Then, I sprayed them with a Krylon Matte Varnish. They seem to be okay and have been bumped around for at least a year.

  3. I’m assuming, Pete, that you can never have too many swarms! I like ’em! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nice work Pete looking really good

  5. redcaer1690 says:

    Great minis and painting. These would look great running in front of any Army!

  6. Faust says:

    Very nice! I have a rat swarm mini that I started to paint, but it’s languishing. Much rather have the ones you found. Cheers!

  7. Nice and good luck with amassing 18. I did similar ones a few years back and posted about them here

    Have never used them and got them pretty cheap on eBay

  8. patmcf says:

    I just love them Pete, they look great !

  9. Azazel says:

    Nice work mate – hope they don’t get sticky on you!

  10. Angelilie says:

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