Game Report: Falklands War Matrix game.

Last week I got the chance to play in another Matrix game- this time a rerun of the Falklands War of 1982. Again it was with the group from the Sheffield Wargames club but with a suitable socially distanced format through Skype.


Matrix games are really all about structured discussion- state and action and an effect with three reasons why it will happen and then the umpire adjudicates and in this case tells you if you have succeded or not. You are not limited to just yourself and your forces you can try and have an effect on anything.


The game was for seven players, Thatcher and Admiral Woodward for the UK, President Reagan and General Haig for the US, Galtieri for the Argentinians, As well as Pinochet and the UN being played. Each player was given their own briefing in advance. I was given the role of President Reagan with the basic tasks of ensuring that the islands were returned to the UK and offering some support too.


I played quite aggressively; with the US as the preminent economic power house I made sure to funnel supplies to the Brits (I knew they’d need them) as well as trying to distract the Soviets with naval exercises in the Med, hopefully to stop them meddling. I also gave Pinochet some cash to run month long exercises with his armed forces to make sure the Argentines were distracted there too. Am pleased to say that the game followed the history fairly well with the Black Buck raids, Exocets and the eventual recapture of the Islands all happening in more or less the right order.

falklands matrix game

The game was great fun to play- a good chance to do a bit of roleplaying too. Can’t thank Tim enough for running the game and the other players for making it so much fun. The format of the game worked really well over Skype too. Tim just set the camera up at the representationmal map whilst we presented our arguements.

falklands matrix game 2

With a couple of matrix games under my belt I’mm eager to play another one.


You can find Tim’s reports on the game here and here. The scenario is considered a matrix game classic and has been well recieved by a wide vareity of players and organisations, it is available in this book.



32 comments on “Game Report: Falklands War Matrix game.

  1. Sounds fun. I think it’s cool that gamers have found a way to still play via use of Skype, Zoom etc. Do you prefer a historical game to play out accurately or do you like unexpected turns of events and outcomes?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. I think it depends. It is always interesting to see how the game reflects on reality. Often the decisions made in real life are also the optimal ones to be made in the game too. Sometimes that can give a bit of an understanding as to why certain decision were made. Especially on a high level strategic game like this as a opposed to a low level tactical ones. Really big departures from real life only seem to happen in games when the dice favour ones side more than the other. That is also fun to see too. I played a game of the invasion of Italy, It had started after Husky (Invsion of Scily) but the subsequent invasion that I made of mainland Italy were entirely different as the German players I was against did things that were don’t historically. I tried to nip of his retrteating units at the ‘ankle’ of the ‘boot’ so to speak. All good fuin though.



  2. Very cool Pete – and you have a Vulcan!

    I remember when that was fought – I was at West Point and a guy from the class above me disagreed with me that the UK would fight the Argentines over the Falklands. I said emphatically that the UK would indeed fight, and we actually had some Brits who fought there debrief us months later on the battle which was fascinating.

    Thought you might enjoy this supplement for Combat Patrol on that battle (on land anyways):

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Mark. I bet hearing the debrief was interesting. With Thatcher in charge I don’t think there was any doubt that we would fight.

      Thats for the link- some very useful info in it.



  3. I’m with IRO I think it is great that you can still play thanks to your resourcefulness.

  4. Sounds good, Pete! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it! I can still remember watching the daily news briefings while it was going on!

  5. redcaer1690 says:

    IT is amazing when events you remember are now in the realm of history. Great format for a game!

  6. Sounds like fun. Never heard of a matrix game before today!

  7. Sapper Joe says:

    Sounds like it was good game. I often wonder what would have happen if President Carter won his 2nd term or if the pro-Argentine faction in the State Department won out over the argument if the US should support the UK to prevent the weakening of a very anti-Communism government that was pro-US too.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Joe. I think you raise some interesting points there. I often think that the ‘special relationship’ does mostly depend on the personal affection between the two leaders at any time. The inner works of the State Department at that time are not something I know of but given the general principles of the Monroe Doctrine I’m not surprised by any pro Latin American sentiment.



  8. Hi Pete sounds like another fun game:) Always thought that War would be a fun miniature games as well as board game:) Keep up the cool reports.
    God Bless
    Stay safe my friend.
    Dave In USA

  9. ignitedmoth says:

    Nice! That’s great that you can still game and have fun in a safe social distancing way. 🙂

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