From the Shed: Rhodesian SAS 60mm mortar.

Underfire Miniatures produce this 60mm mortar and crew for the Rhodesian Bush war range. It is affectionally known as the ‘Pat and Ron’ pack after the two men in the photo is is based on.


I painted up two versions, one in the lain green fatigues worn by the RhSAS on external operations and one in the more familiar Rhodesian camo pattern. An extra trooper with an AK got painted at the same time.






12 comments on “From the Shed: Rhodesian SAS 60mm mortar.

  1. Hi those are Outstanding work:) Love those minis:) As part of my Twilight 2000 game I do and Alternate Timeline they and South Africa took over a good bit of Africa. I was in South Africa for real I fought the Demons in the ANC. That is the Same thing that is happening here BLM is ANC Communist:( Take care my friend
    God Bless
    Dave of The Pond:)

  2. Those are really nice Pete! 🙂

  3. Marvin says:

    A pleasing couple of vignettes. 🙂

  4. patmcf says:

    Amazing painting of figures so small Pete , well done again!

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