A charming old Hinchcliffe Model video.


This video appeared in my feed so I thought I’d share it. Three reasons…


1- a nice bit of gaming/ modelling history.

2- shows you how they do white metal casting in a way that still hasn’t changed.

3- It is local: I grew up in the next village over. Although I was yet to be born when this was filmed.





17 comments on “A charming old Hinchcliffe Model video.

  1. davekay says:

    A nice blast from the past!

  2. Luke says:

    This is cool, thank you for sharing!

  3. brtrain says:

    This was really interesting, to see the faces of names I had read about for years and to see the machinery that makes the molds and castings.
    Though the introduction makes Meltham sound like a rather nasty place….

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. My home town can be a bit rough around the edges… personally, having grown up there, I quite like the bleakness of the moors. Spent a lot of time walking on them over the years.



  4. Great seeing this, Pete! 🙂 My dad knew Frank Hinchliffe in the ’70s and worked with him to commission small pewter presentation models for company visitors where he (my dad) worked!

  5. Great post Pete and I really enjoyed watching that. Some or my very first models were Hinchcliffe Zulu’s and Rorke’s Drift figures. Still have one in a box somewhere I think. I wonder who now owns the moulds? Hard to believe they are all lost.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Some of the figures are available through Hinds figures. I’m not sure if the have the full range or not. They were a bit before my time as a gamer.

      Always sad when old figure ranges disappear though.



  6. redcaer1690 says:

    Amazing to think that we are now entering the print at home era! I wonder if one day we will look back at plastic moulding in the same way? Great find!

  7. As a true metal miniature enthusiast, this was great fun to see (as were the vintage haircuts etc). I gravity cast with RTV as the set up for vulcanizing rubber and mass casting is beyond my needs. Thanks Pete!

  8. patmcf says:

    Amazing Pete, its interesting to see how figures were made and probably still are ,with a bit of technology thrown in.
    I had to called the wife and show her the flairs we wore back then I think 75 was the peak period for them, I cant imagine why they appealed to us AHHHH ! So a big thank mate.

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