From the Shed: East German Watch Towers (B- Turm)

Beobachtungsturm were a type of watchtower used by the East Germans. I found a file of them on thingiverse and thought it would be a great addition to my Cold War games.

As you can see I did 2 of them of different sizes. The nice thing about 3d printing is this fllexibility- a 1/144 scaled original was printed out at half size and twice size, for 6mm and 20mm respectively.

Here they are unpainted and untextured. They were both given coats of Mr. Surfacer as an undercoat.

Now to write 2 scenarios to featuring them….



31 comments on “From the Shed: East German Watch Towers (B- Turm)

  1. Chris Kemp says:

    Nice Towers. Does Mr Surfacer fill in the print lines, Pete?
    Regards, Chris

  2. Mike says:

    Oh, I can think of a lot of scenarios to use those towers in. Great job, Pete!

  3. As others have said, very nice! πŸ™‚

  4. alan says:

    any chance of a link to the file you used, please ?

  5. I didn’t know these East German Watch Towers were a thing. D&D meets Twilight 2000!

  6. Very nice, work Pete, 3D printing does seem the be the wave of the future, but you do still need a good paintjob to really bring them to life. Top work.

    Cheers Roger.

  7. These are great Pete and well done for getting them both to look the same on such different scales

  8. Marvin says:

    Nice. very impressive 3d printing work once again. I’m surprised you didn’t go for the post title “The Two Towers”, or perhaps you’re not a Lord of the Rings fan? πŸ˜‰

  9. Ann says:

    Nice terrain. It is pretty neat that you can easily change the scale and print out the same thing in multiple sizes for different games.

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