From the Shed: The RDF light tank aka LAV75.

The RPG Twilight 2000 is a classic game for all of us who are nostalgic for the Cold War eras (something comforting about a simpler bipolar power split I think). In the first edition it introduced some fictional vehicles in the game world that it predicted would be in service at the turn of the millenium. One of these was a light tank called the LAV75. A crew in hull design with a 75mm autocannon design to support airbourne operations. In really life it was based upon the RDF light tank which got to prototype stage, it was designed to replace the ill- starred Sheridan.

There are model available of the RDF tank in 6mm that I’ve painted previously but I was looking for something in 20mm to go with my duplication of forces. I asked on a Facebook group and was pointed in the direction of a GI Joe toy design- the Mauler tank- based on the same RDF light tank prototype. Close enough for my purposes I thought so I promptly printed a couple out.

Here the pair are in the bare plastic and assembled. The RDF (and LAV75) didn’t have the side skirts but given the design of the model’s running gear I added them.

They should provide a nice addition to my 20mm collection- fictional tanks for fictional wars… why not? It ties in nicely to both my 6mm collection and the old RPG, which has just had a very successful kickstarter rerelease.



22 comments on “From the Shed: The RDF light tank aka LAV75.

  1. These look great Pete love the weathering

  2. tehlulzpare says:

    Looks great! Gotta love obscure armour!

  3. Those are brilliant, Pete! πŸ™‚ Nice paint scheme! Funnily enough, in the past couple of days I’ve seen a model of the HIMAG somewhere, which I think was a forerunner of the RDF/LAV 75 (or at least had the same cannon).

  4. Many fond memories of Twilight 2000! These look great dude πŸ™‚

  5. The LAV-75 was so Twilight 2000 1e! I love how GDW tossed in these concept vehicles and gear because they were projecting 2000AD from 1984.

  6. Lovely bit of work there Pete, great looking tanks.

    Cheers Roger.

  7. Jeff Groves says:

    Cool looking tanks! Looks like you’re getting your money’s worth from your printer!

  8. Luke says:

    Those look like some good prints! Do they come out pretty clean or do you need to clean them up a bit?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks- they come out fairly cleanly. Given they are multipart modeld you can print them in a way that means you can minimise the need to tidy up afterwards. Bigger singe part models might require a bit more.



  9. patmcf says:

    Brill mate! thankyou for putting the match in as some of my mates wouldn’t believe how small your little beauties are!!

  10. Man oh man Pete, this brought back memories. I remember when the LAV was in development, as the US Army had a pretty big rapid deployment capability deficit in the early to mid 80s. M551’s were about it armor-wise, and the Shillelaghs actually only ever fired their missiles in combat in Desert Storm! I thought at the time the LAV would make it but you can’t pay for everything in a budget so the project died – except for Thailand buying them (and still operating them I think). Nice painting and nice post Pete.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Mark. The whole light tank concept is an interesting one that gets tried every know and again. You only have to look at the Stryker MGS too as that fulfils a similar function… and some of the bigger European armoured cars too.

      I think the version the Thais got made it into Twilight 2000 2and ed. Be some else to add to my collection at some point.



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