From the Shed: Beute Panzer Platoon.

One of the tank history blogs that I follow (and highly recommend) is – a bit ago they did a post on French tanks in German service after 1940. After reading it I thought it would make a nice project for my 3D printer.

The tanks were sourced from the ever prolific Bergmann from Thingiverse. Doing this project really made me appreciate my £d printer as it is not something I would have done if I had to buy the resin models as before.

The tanks were actually all printed out a long time ago- just after the publication of the blog post- but have waited for paint until I got the decals for them. I wanted to num,ber them properly as one platoon: 331-335, third company, third platoon, tanks 1-5 with number 1 being the command Somua.

I may yet print out more and do them in the later camo scheme for use in Normandy and the Balkans towards the end of the war….



From the Shed: Copplestone Future War Partisans.

It should be no secret that one of my favourite sculptor is Mark Copplestone; his future War range for Grenadier in the early 90s made a big impression on me. Since then he has gone back to his SF figures and it has been nice to finally get some paint on some of them.

These 10 figures are billed as ‘Partisans’ and are available here.

The ten of them come with four different gun types, two variations of assault rifles, an LMG and a SMG. Given their Russian/ Soviet stylings I painted them in a mix of green, khaki and Russian camo. As such they’ll be making an appearance in my Zone Afla games quite often. They are probably a bit too military to be fitted into neon drenched cyberpunk streets but I’ve my eye on some other models to fulfil those needs.



Progress Report: 4th quarter and end of year tallies….

Firstly I would like to take this chance to wish everyone a happy new year. Here is hoping it is better for everyone than this year has been. On a personal level asaide from Covid it has actually been OK- PhD started and lots of gaming done in ways that I hadn’t explored before (this will be blogged on later…).

4th quarter saw me read 18 books (can do much better) paint 29 20mm and 27 28mm figures whilst finishing 13 1/300th, 2 1/100th, 5 1/72nd, and 2 1/56th scale models.

For the whole year that gives us a total of….

112 books read, 80 20mm and 138 28mm figures painted as well as 13 1/300th, 9 1/200th, 2 1/100th, 14 1/72nd and 3 1/56th scale models finished.

I won’t be a doing a plans for the forthcoming year list as I’m still working my way through my list from my earlier post; I’m happy with what I put on it so will stick with it..