From the Shed: Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines.

I was kindly given some of the old chaos Spaqce Marines by a friend so decided to paint them up as the infamous Alpha Legion. Notorious for the cunning and deceit, and the subject of many a meme, they look quite fancy in teal and silver. Also in the game lore they make extensive use Chaos cultists which is something that appeals. I also bought the commander from the Blackstone Fortress set seperately to go with them.

Within the squad I have a leader with power fist, a heavy bolter, a flamer, a standard and then a mix of bolters and chainswords with bolt pistols.

I thinking of getting a box of the fallen to convert and paint up in robes to play on their in universe nature.

Either way what I have now will make for a good Kill Team force.



19 comments on “From the Shed: Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines.

  1. I like them Pete! 🙂 Well done on getting a dry day to photograph them outside!

  2. Very nice Pete, the banner colour choice is a great boon to the squad.

  3. Excellent Pete. 🙂

  4. Wudugast says:

    That armour looks fantastic, and the reddish-brown of the bases offsets it nicely. 🙂

  5. davekay says:

    Looking great Pete! I also painted my Blackstone Fortress marines in Alpha Legion colours.

  6. Steve says:

    Looking great, Pete 👍 their armour really stands out, and the bases are superb too

  7. Very nice, I like that teal colour for the armour, it’s unusual but works really well to my eye’s.

    Cheers Roger,

  8. Nice work on these Pete. I do like the teal.

  9. Really nice colour choices mate. Love these

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