From the Shed: IDF Achzarit in 1/72pics.

The IDF was the first army to use heavy APCs and I figured it would be interesting to explore their tactical use on the table top… so given I’ve got some suitable figures knocking about I turned to my 3D printer and went to Wargaming 3D and bought this file

The Achzarit was built on the chassis on the T55 tank, the Israelis had captured so many of them in the 73 wars that they decided to convert them to APCs given the losses suffered by their M113s in Lebanon in 1982. The turret was removed, the engine turned sideways which allowed for a back door to be fitted and a whopping 14 extra tons of armour added. They were first used in combat in 2002. In IDF service it is slowly being replaced by the Namer APC that is purpose built on the Merkava IV chassis.

The 3D printer allowed this project to be done affordably given that the kit is either available from Butlers Printed Models for a rasonable price or Cromwell in resin for a high price, assuming you can get hold of it anyway. Printing time was about 18 hours at the finest resolution and some of the detail is a little over scaled after scalling it up so much but it is more than adequate for my purposes.



16 comments on “From the Shed: IDF Achzarit in 1/72pics.

  1. Oooh, those look nice! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a plan to do Six Day War stuff at some point in the (hopefully not too distant) future, so wondered what colour you’d recommend to represent Sinai Grey (which I gather can be tricky and open to debate)?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks John. I used Mig Ammo ‘IDF Sinai Grey’ it looks spot on for the 82 onwards vehicles, although I think for the 60s it was more sand coloured. Like you say though it is as debated topic. The amount of sand that covers the vehicles from the wars really can change the colour.



  2. tehlulzpare says:

    Really neat! Say what you will about the Israelis but you canโ€™t deny they have churned out some of the most innovative equipment since ww2.

    Printing looks excellent, look forward to hearing how they handled on the tabletop!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. The Israeli’s situation has certainly led to some unique designs.

      Will work up a scenario with them in. I’ve a memoir of an Achzarit commander in the 2006 war that I’ll use for inspiration.



  3. alan says:

    really great models… please do not tempt me !

  4. Jeff Groves says:

    Ohhhhh those are cool!

  5. Those 3D prints look very nice indeed Pete. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I know very little about fighting vehicles after WW2 (and not that much about WW2 ones either if I’m honest), but these do look really nice. Learning all the time (mainly from your blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰)

    Cheers Roger.

  7. Chris Kemp says:

    Nice models, Pete. I would argue that Ram Kangaroos were the first heavy APCs, or stretching a point, WWI transport tanks. Wouldn’t argue with the Israelis fielding the first modern heavies though.

    Regards, Chris.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Chris. I think you make a very fair point with the Kangeroos. They were an APC with tank armour. Did the WW1 transport tanks actually see any really battlefield use. I know the long supply tank Mk IX was never employed in its intended role. I do remember rading something about the Mk V** being used to try and transport a section with very mixed results… need to go back to my books.



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