The End of the Road for the Cellar Dwellers..?

To say that the events of the last 18 months have been transformational is a gross understatement. As we in the UK seem to be coming out of lockdown, hopefully for one last time, what we are coming out to remains to be seen. The high street for one thing won’t be the same, walking through my, now desolate, home town and seeing all of the shutdown shops is rather sobering. What will become of the hostelry trade I hate to think…

… on the gaming front the building in which Cellar Dwellers reside, the club in which I’ve played the epic Necromunda campaigns over the years, has been sold and the club won’t be able to meet there any more. It is a big shame as it was possible to leave tables set up there. There have been some discussions online on what wll happen to the club now. There is a big games shop in town where some people will go but the terrain can’t be left up. A gaming centre in the next town has offered to host the terrain and let it be set up so that is where Mark, who own most of it, is putting it. I guess that the time spent travelling will be the equivalent to what would be spent at the town centre venue setting it up and breaking it down but either way it is sub optimal. I know that some of the players who had quite a travel to get to the club are less keen to drive further* but what players we lose for potential campaign players we should hopefully pick up in the new place.

I thought I’d share some pictures of the Necromunda finale that I hadn’t posted here before. It was a race up to the top of the tower to switch off the chaos gate- represented by the plasma ball- with a restricted gang roster. There was much backstabbing, grasppling hooks and long falls with high damage in the game. Most of all however, it was a great evening with a great bunch of lads, all of us enjoying the game. It was the kind of gaming I’d missed, and was looking forward to getting back to after restrictions were lifted but that won’t be, or at least not in the old format. Still when gaming returns I’ll be able to try out all the new rules and models that have been relased throughout lockdown.

With the club having to move some of the clubs property has been sold off. I picked up these very nice mouse mat style neoprene mats – each one three foot square- from Urban Matz for 20 quid each. They should come in really useful for loads of skirmish games.



  • The move is only 6 miles, nothing to the American and antipodean gamers amongst you but it would add a good half hour given the traffic at the time of day.

35 comments on “The End of the Road for the Cellar Dwellers..?

  1. Jeff Groves says:

    That’s a very impressive bit of terrain!

  2. tehlulzpare says:

    Always sad when a Club closes for some reason or another. It is good though that it is going to a good home where you can still play on some of it. That is some amazing terrain!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Yeah it is sad, one door closes and another opens and all that I guess. I’m happy travelling to play on that quality of terrain though.



      • tehlulzpare says:

        Considering I drive an hour for my local clubhouse, and an hour and a half for my local store, I did have a bit of a giggle about the distance! But for terrain that good? I’d drive two hours, easily.

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        Yeah I hear you… I’m fine with the travel too. There are some dfay long mini campaigns being planned which I’m looking forward to too.



  3. Love that tower play set!

  4. Faust says:

    Sad that your usual stomping grounds is gone. Hopefully the new one will work out and bring new friends. That tower is simply impressive! That’s like the epitome of Necromunda hive terrain. 😃

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks- a big tower like that really sums up Necromunda for me. I’d love to have the space for one at home. It is based around an MDF superhero style skyscraper.



  5. It’s certainly a new world out there Pete. Sad to see the state of somethings but hopefully it will get better. 🙂🤞

  6. Sorry to hear about you club, I imagine there will be a few people in that situation sadly. Hope you get on alright at your new location and you get used to the ravelling aspect. As has been said above that is a really impressive “underhive” set-up!!

    Cheers Roger.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Yeah it will be fine, the travelling isn’t too bad. Back to where I used to go to cadets near enough. The new venue looks very impressive on fb.

      The scale and quality of the layouts we have access to is amazing. Mark had been working on a new table with the recent plastic terrain through lockdown that will be great to play on when the new campaign starts.



  7. davekay says:

    Sorry to hear about the club Pete, hope you find something similar sooner rather than later. As you say, lots of things are in flux at the moment due to lockdowns and so on.

  8. That really is an impressive looking game! 🙂 Here’s hoping you can get into a new groove as far as gaming goes!

  9. Marvin says:

    Sad to hear about the sale of your old club site. Hopefully, you’ll find your gaming groove in a new location.

  10. That’s a real shame mate. Maybe it’s time to build a massive shed 😊 The terrain is phenomenal

  11. Chris Kemp says:

    The Club is dead. Long live The Club!

    Regards, Chris.

  12. […] The End of the Road for the Cellar Dwellers..? @ SP’s Projects Blog – I daresay that a lot of gaming groups and clubs will find themselves in hard times following the lockdown(s). It’s sad to read of the challenges faced by these guys. What drew me to this power is a happier thing, though. Look at that Necromunda setup! So tall! What a great finale that must have been to their campaign! […]

  13. One door closes …

  14. rclamp says:

    blimey – Me and Ian used to hire an upstairs room in that building when we first started Kirklees Wargames club. Where is the new club? R

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Yeah sad to see it go. Kirklees Crusaders are back at the Beaumont Park visitos centre but the Necromunda stuff has been moved down to the Holmfirth Gaming Centre. I’ve not been there yet though.



  15. Very sad to hear this Pete. I’m sure you’ll find another venue or club that will be reborn maybe even better. Enjoyed the post!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Mark- the good news is I went to the new location for the Necromunda campaign yesterdays and it is pretty impressive. Will do a full post later.



  16. patmcf says:

    Sorry to hear about your club mat, the covid thing has certainly reeked havoc in the city,so glad we got out when we did. They have just been released from lock down so we just had our youngest daughter up for ten days, haven’t been able to see her for months! I just love that tower Pete!!

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