2021… that was the year that was and a look towards plans for 2022….

Firstly I like to apologise for not commenting on peoples’ blog over the fesative period. I’ve been away in Ashford with Nicola to see her family down there, consequently I was away from my PC so was just looking at things on my phone. It was a very nice and relaxing time. I caught up with some reading too which was good. I was surprised to find a MKIV tank in the town centre there as a memorial.

In all 2021 has been a bit of a mixed bag (something that I think can apply to almost everyone) health has been a bit low but uni has been going well, further more Nicola and I rescued a pair of cats that are wonderful company. With the opening up of things a little more here in the UK face to face gaming has made a welcome return, also I’ve started going back to the local club that is most enjoyable. A new Necromunda campaign did start up that I joined for a while but ultimately had to leave; a combination of poor health and the move of gaming nights to a weekend when I was usually busy meant I didn’t want to be unreliable so I decided it would be best to withdraw (I will do a post next week though on what I did do). I have been managing to get quite a bit of online gaming in too- whilst this has often been a live streamed table top game (covering many periods and scales) it has frequently included something a bit different. Having the oppertunity to play in varied role plays, committee games and matrix games has been great.

As for the coming year I’m still pretty much going to stick to the plan from November… I’m closing in on the last few bits of my Death Guard army for 40k, then it will be on to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Zona Alfa will feature more as I’m really enjoying that game- hopefully I’ll be able to get a campaign up and running. Not sure what to do about Necromunda… whether to rejoin in on the clubs next campaign or do something at home. Building a table for it could be good fun. My Winter War project has nearly been finished too, just got some bits to get and finish off then I’ll look to start getting that gamed. The rest of the stuff is bubbling along in the background.

With regards to board games, and here is the biggest overlap with my uni work, there are lots I’ve bought recently but not got to the table, including some print and play games I’ve got to make up. I’ve also got the itch to do some traditional RPG stuff. A few has been released recently, mainly Cyberpunk Red, that has triggered a wave of nostalgia, even though I have grave reservations about the whole format.

Finally, all that remains to do is thank you the reader for being with me for the past decade and more and wish all of you a Happy New Year and the very best for 2022.



26 comments on “2021… that was the year that was and a look towards plans for 2022….

  1. Here’s hoping you get a bit of everything done in 2022! πŸ™‚ That Mark IV looks as though it has been very nicely renovated!

  2. Guru PIG says:

    Great pics. Is that your bike about to be crushed by 245? I think for all of us 2021 has been a mixed bag. With the dramas of looking after Mum resolved (for the moment fingers crossed), and no longer having to deal with the family histrionics, life is getting back to a “Covid normal”. Don’t you like poly speak!

    I will probably end up with more gaming and Maree and I time which will mean less painting but I have treated the last 12 months as a real bonus.

    Have a great 2022 and hope to catch up soon.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks- not my bike. I can’t ride a push bike well let alone going on something like that.

      Glad your family life has quietened down now. Must catch up soon.



  3. I hope that the new year holds excellent things for you and thanks for adopting your cats! πŸ™‚

  4. brtrain says:

    I’m hopeful for 2022, ’cause I sure don’t want any more 2021. Looking forward to recapturing some clarity and creativity. Best to you in the New Year!

  5. Wow what a tank. I hope the health is 100% for 2022 mate

  6. whovian223 says:

    Hope you have a great 2022! Wishing you the best. Sounds like you had a good holiday.

  7. Here’s hoping you have a good 2022 on all fronts Pete.

  8. Jeff Groves says:

    Interesting tank to just happen upon! I hope things go a bit smoother in 2022.

  9. Azazel says:

    Happy New Year, Pete! Hoping the health stuff eases up and things get better for all of us this year!

  10. ignitedmoth says:

    Aww, congrats on your new furry little companions, and I hope you have a very Happy New Year! ❀

  11. Coronasan says:

    A week into the New Year already, it will soon be Easter.
    Keeping throwing dice in 2022!

  12. Happy New Year Pete

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