From the Shed: Modern and near Future Russians.

As I’m sure that you have noticed I’ve been really getting into the Zona Alfa game recently and I had the idea of getting some of the Empress Miniatures modern Russians with gas mask heads to add to me collection. However, I wanted to practice the camo they’d be in first so I dug out these modern Russians from Elhiem to try.

The new digital flora pattern (as seen onthe little green men of Crimean infamy) took a lot of layers to get that mottled effect but was fairly quick to do in the end. Whilst I was at it I decided to paint up the Near Future Russians I had laying around in the same scheme. These are the companion/ opposition figures to the near future US figures I painted some time back.

I also , as they were lurking in the same box, got these modern Russian special forces figures finished off. Clad in a copy of multicam they are based on the operatives that have been present in Syria and again finish off stuff I have painted earlier. They add a selection of LMGs, sniper rifles and RPGs.

Elhiem has expanded the ranges of both the near future Russian anmd US forces- extra support weapons, snipers and leadera to expand upon the original assault rifles and LMGs I’ll be interested to get them as these new figures are digital sculpted, printed in resin then cast in metal as opposed to the original figures being sculpted in the traditional manner in putty. Comparing the two styles will be a pointer to the future of the industry as 3d design processes will become more and more common.

I have thought about getting a full platoon of the modern Russians in the digital flora camo but the current tension in the Ukraine makes this less appealing somehow (here is hoping it doesn’t develop into a major shooting match). I’ll have to think on….



32 comments on “From the Shed: Modern and near Future Russians.

  1. tehlulzpare says:

    I feel ya on the Ukraine situation making wargaming an Eastern European conflict scenario a bit…less appealing. But your Russians look excellent! Great job with the detail especially considering the scale. 20mm is quite small!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thank you. 20mm I’d my usual scale so I’m used to working in it.

      Lower level tactical games can seem a bit more gratuitous that a high polmil sim I think.



  2. These would transport over to Twilight 2000 real easy

  3. They look really good, Pete! 🙂 I like them all! Interesting point about 3D printed masters – I have a feeling that Brigade Models have been doing this for a while with their spaceships and aeronefs at least and I think the Spartan Games Dystopian Wars models were done the same way.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. More and more companies are going down that route, especially for vehicles but it is interesting to see Elhiem using it for ‘soft’ sculpting such as figures.



  4. Very nice Pete, I especially like the desert camo on the Russian special forces troops.

    Cheers Roger.

  5. They look great. And I feel you on the mins reflecting realty a little to closely. So my ultraModern Russians are going to be Democratic Eastern Prussian Republic. Troops from a Rump East Germany that still exist to today. Same models, different or slight different camo patterns, and a few of those old DDR helmets kicking around. Oh and orange beret’s instead of sky blue of the paratroopers.

  6. Jeff Groves says:

    Those look great! 3D printing will have interesting effects on the hobby.

  7. Guru PIG says:

    Great work Pete love the camo and the light box is working well. I am afraid that I may have to come out of the Dark Ages with 3D printing but it will probably be kicking and screaming.

  8. Marvin says:

    Happily see your Russian troops all day on the blog – less so the ones on the news. Lovely work, Pete.

  9. Mark Flanagan says:

    Very topical Pete

  10. peter bonami says:

    Excellent painted figures Pete!


  11. Nice painting Pete and I hope your university work is going well. Of course, by now your heartfelt hope on tensions has gone catastrophic. My what a disaster.

  12. Azazel says:

    Great work on these models – but yeah, I’m finding the same thng when it comes to my previous plans to paint up some moden 15mm armour…

  13. patmcf says:

    Not far behind am I Pete!!!! Nice work on these little fellows matey.

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