Balagan Campaign system.

I’ve been following Steven’s Balagan blog for a long while now and I always recommend it. Great game writing and analysis. Especially on Crossfire, one of my favourite games- even if I don’t play it too often.

His latest post here is a great little campaign system for guerrilla warfare. I’ve highlighting it as it ticks loads of my boxes for a fast campaign system. Also, the political game adds context to what would otherwise be a series of light infantry clashes. I’ll make a couple of copies of the game board- I’m thinking of magnetising one so it can be left out without the counters moving over a long period of time.

If anyone else uses the system I’d be interested to see how they get on.



From the Shed: another batch of 6mm Russians.

I’ve been painting up some more 6mm bits. I’ve been enjoying them recently as they are quick to paint. I find myself worrying less about individual vehicles and more on the mass effect of a unit.

6 bases of T55s- good for the whole Cold War really. From the early 50s right up to the armies of the Warsaw Pact allies of the 1980s.

A base of TMM bridgelayers. The models came with deployed bridges so I did a little base to show the bridge deployed. I’m thinking that a river crossing scenario is on the cards here.

A BTR 152 and a BMP1- I had these models spare so decided to give them a quick paint job them mount them on single bases.

Moving forward into the 1990s here are some BTR80a APCs and dismounted infantry. These should be good to go up against my friend’s later Warriors and Challengers.

To give them some support I did some 2S23 Nona SVKs (120mm breech loading mortars on the same BTR chassis).

As usual I’ve used two vehicles (and some infantry if appropriate) on a 50mm square base to represent a company and single vehicles on a 30mm base for a platoon sized attachment. This is how I’ve been organising my forces for Nordic Weasel’s 5core: Brigade Commander, my go to set of rules for 6mm Cold War games.