From the Shed: More modern bits for Zona Alfa (mostly).

I’ve been working on my moderns again, what started as getting a few bits for Zona Alfa has ended up being a project in its own right- I’m still looking at doing some urban SWAT type games. All the figures are from Spectre: either metal minis or 3d prints- see if you can tell which is which….

First up the British Special Reconassiance Regiment- part of UK special forces. Four covert operators plusa pair to provide some longer range fire support.

Then we have 2 lots of Russian equipped PMCs.

Some Western equipped PMCs

As well as a CIA Special Activities Centre operative, a leader figure with a map and a WW2 Anti tank rifle gunner- the latter weapons seem to be still turning up in wars despite their age. The barrel wasa little bent when I got it and considering its fragility I tried to stabalise it, somewhat successfully with a spare rucksack.

Finally some scatter terrain. The shed is from Warbases and the rest from Reaper Bones.



From the Shed: Cold War Russian AFVs.

My friend Simon recently got a new 3d printeer- one of the resin ones. He was playing around with it and did a few 1/76th Russian AFVs that he ultimately didn’t want so he passed them on to me.

The standard of resin printing is fantastic now: the detail is very crisp. I believe all of the files came from M. Bergman on thingiverse.

The BRDM 1 armoured cars, based on the BTR40 but fully enclosed. Mostly unarmed but could have a pintle- mounted machine gun.

The MTLB – a 60s design, mostly used as an atrillery tractor but also issued as an APC in arctic areas. Many are still in service. Many variants are based on this chassis, engineering to atgm carrier…

The BTR70 – a wheeled APC that was an improvement over the BTR60s. Not many made and mostly replaced now by the BTR80.

All vehicles were painted in acrylics, Vallejo Russian Green, and then weathered with various techniques before an all over oil paint wash to get that grimey look.



Happy New Year, that was the year that was, and future plans.

Firstly: happy new year (OK I’m 6 days late) to everyone out there, I hope everyone had a nice holiday period, both Christmas and New Year.

Looking back on the past year I don’t think I ‘ve had a better year in terms of gaming, the quantity of games as well as the variety I have played. Going to the Conference of Wargames was a standout highlight.

I’m that regard I’m not really going to alter much from my earlier plans, ‘Dark Ages’ or more accurately the early medieval period is back as I’ve really been enjoying playing Ravenfeast. This means that more Vikings and my Norman army are getting worked on.

I’m also working on a few rule sets of my own- 20th century skirmish, tactical insurgency as well as a set of helicopter rules. More on these as they get playtested properly. I’d like to be more frequent with my blog posts too, it is an aim of 2023 for me.



Progress Report: 4th quarter 2022 and end of year totals.

In the fourth quarter on 2022 I read 18 books, painted fourty two 28mm figures and one hundred and eleven 20mm figures. I also finished twelve 1/300th models as well as six 1/72nd ones.

The final totals for the year are: seventy books, one hundred and eleven 28mm figures, one hundred and ninety three 20mm figures and one hundred and fifty 6mm figures, I also finished seventy two 1/300th models, twelve 1/72nd scale ones as well as two approximately 1/200th Aeronautica Imperialis flyers.

Pleased with all of it except the books total, down from last year and a long way down from previous heights. I’m struggling to concentrate on them which is somewhat concerning…. :/